Sleep Deprivation – Andover, United Kingdom

Ok well obviously I can`t sleep. I am going to Spain in a few hours. So my last day in England went like this. I didn`t really sleep last night because I got on a roll with some work I was into. Tsk Tsk. When Sonya woke up at 8am I was still awake but starting to feel a little sleepy. I had some soup for breakfast and then saw Sonya off to work. I thought I should lay down for a while but then the dog next door started barking. So I just kept plugging away on the laptop. I still haven`t thought of a name for her…but I am sure it will come. I really feel that I should be naming her with the amount of time I spend with her. People name their stuff all the time. Sonya`s car is called Mabel and she talks to her all the time. So. Anyway.

Sleep finally made its way into my day around 10-ish and I think I got a good 3 hours before POP, wide awake again. I decided I should probably get myself into packing mode or at least begin to think about going to Spain. I decided to start thinking about where I would stay in Madrid and the best way to get from the airport into the city. I went through my limited vocabulary of Spanish and realized I know a little more than I thought.

After a bit of research, I started to get excited. But along with that came a little bit of nervousness. I wasn`t sure if it was the anticipation of really traveling once again, the amount of caffeine I consumes today, or the lack of sleep. But I began to experience bouts of uneasiness. I just kept reminding myself what a waste of energy worry is and it lessened.

Sonya came home and we ate dinner while discussing people, families and expectations. After dinner, we watched yet another DVD while she straightened my hair for me (it`s raining outside right now so we will see how long that lasts). After the movie, Sonya went to bed and I packed.

So, everything is all done now and ready to go. I have less than two hours before I have to leave so I am debating on whether or not to even bother sleeping. I looked at a map of Spain and am kind of getting a few ideas of what I may do. I`ve already been invited to a BBQ in Barcelona and have heard there is some kind of an eclipse coming next week. My friends in Spain keep saying that it is getting cold and I keep reminding them that we have different ideas of what cold is. Anyway, I brought my toque.

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