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Sleep Deprivation – Andover, United Kingdom

Ok well obviously I can`t sleep. I am going to Spain in a few hours. So my last day in England went like this. I didn`t really sleep last night because I got on a roll with some work I was into. Tsk Tsk. When Sonya woke up at 8am I was still awake but starting to feel a little sleepy. I had some soup for breakfast and then saw Sonya off to work. I thought I should lay down for a while but then the dog next door started barking. So I just kept plugging away on the laptop. I still haven`t thought of a name for her…but I am sure it will come. I really feel that I should be naming her with the amount of time I spend with her. People name their stuff all the time. Sonya`s car is called Mabel and she talks to her all the time. So. Anyway. read more

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