Release the Hounds – Andover, United Kingdom

We all tried to sleep in but we woke at around 10-ish and started the rehydration process. We watched a little bit of TV and Sonya showed me her favorite shows, most of them being reality based. I had my fill after about an hour so I ventured back into my bed. After eating a really big supper, we waddled to the local pub for the tradition of Quiz Night.

I sat there drinking coffee while everyone else drank pints of Guinness’s. I got to try Marmite crisps which I actually quite liked. I wonder if they have come out with Vegemite crisps in Oz. I was able to help my team out with the answers Okra and White Star Line. You can just imagine for yourself what the questions were.

The next incident was traumatic enough to bar me from frequenting any pub on English soil ever again. I was sitting there minding my own business when all of a sudden this little jack Russell dog came running up, jumped up and bit me! And I mean, it meant to take a chunk out of my shoulder. I just sat there in a bit of shock. Why would it do that?

It is not a big dog so it even had to climb up my body a bit to get up that high. My table laughed it off saying he does that every now and then. What?!? What kind of country is this? Call off your hounds you tea bags!! They said Chester was just like that and that I was lucky he didn`t bite my ass like he did with everyone else. At least there would have been more padding there, I thought!

Anyway, about 10 minutes later I felt my arm swelling up and sure enough, I am developing a killer bruise. I have two indentations from the fangs and although they say they don`t have it here, I am concerned about the rabies. Ten minutes later, the stupid thing had the nerve to bring me a toy begging me to play with it. As if I telepathically answered to Chester the Molester!

I could barely lift my arm to defend myself with the keys someone had left on the table. I jabbed the air repeatedly like a crazy person (signs of rabies coming on, I`m sure)…Get away from me! GET AWAY! The people at my table thought I was over reacting until they saw my arm puffing up like Popeye. Then they said I shouldn`t take it personally. Whatever. All I know is that this is one more reason I am happy to be a cat person. They are much less likely to subject perfect strangers to random attacks.

We said good bye to Andy who was driving the three hours back to his work for the week. Then Sonya and I called it an early night as we both have lots of work to do tomorrow. If I am even able to type with my injury…sniff sniff.

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