Birthday Bounce – Salisbury, United Kingdom

I slept until 4am at which point I did a bit of work before shaking my head and trying to go back to sleep. It worked! In fact, it worked too well and I slept until 1pm…opps! Sonya and Andy headed into town for the afternoon to do some errands while I stayed home and….yes, you guessed it, worked.

I think there is something about about not having set hours or an office that makes you something of a work-a-holic. I am not sure yet but I may have to instill some rules with this laptop. I seem to feel like the more I do, the more there is to do. Don`t get me wrong, I enjoy it but I just need to find that balance.

Sonya and I watched another DVD while Andy had a nap. We ate a pasta dinner with their neighbor Laura before dolling ourselves up and going out. We drove into Salisbury which is the little town nearby about 12 miles away. It is a cute little town with windey roads and cottage like houses. The downtown part is a long street with cobblestone roads and tall pointy buildings. It was all very charming to say the least. We hit a few pubs where the crowd ranged from younger to younger and very old.

I became very appreciative of the no-smoking-in-bars/pubs/restaurants rule that we have back home in Canada. I sighed and remembered that this is Europe after all. It seems that everyone one and their dog smokes here which I guess just goes along with their pub culture. I think it would prolly kill them if someone tried to take it away. Then again, it will also kill them if they don`t.

After the pubs, we walked down the street to the club. It was in an old church and its called the Chapel although I kept calling it the cathedral. I remembered Francois telling me that in Montreal, religion was dead and they were turning all the churches into condos. Here in England they appear to be turning them into nightclubs.

The line was long but we didn`t have to wait after I had a few words with the bouncer. He also gave us half price which my friends were impressed with. There were three rooms with different kinds of music but we headed straight for the electronic music. We ended up staying there all night except for a few bathroom breaks which forced us through the 70s room. The soul room seemed to be pretty packed but I was happy with the DJ and lightshow in the EDM room. I know there were signs with the names of the rooms but I can`t for the life of me remember them. I do remember that there were some crazy dancers and very trippy lazers going on along side some great tunes.

Took me a little while to get going but we ended up shutting the place down. I danced my feet off and made sure Sonya had a very happy pre-30th birthday party. I will miss her real party next weekend, which is just as well because she will have a full house anyway. At one point in the night she asked me what clubbing in other countries was like and if bigger is better. I told her that in this case, the smaller venue was just right for the cozy atmosphere for our own private birthday celebration. People weren`t overly friendly but we didn`t care, we had each other.

We got some snacks across the road at the chip shop before jumping in a cab. I didn`t want chips so I went next door to the Chinese food place and got a huge bag of prawn crackers for only a pound. It was the size of a small garbage bag and I didn`t even finish them. The taxi man wasn`t very nice so we annoyed him even more by belting out our rendition of Mr. Cab Driver the whole way home. Just like old times…

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