Doggie Day Care – Andover, United Kingdom

I woke up really early to the neighbors dog yapping away. I am sure you would have heard it all the way to Scotland. Finally Sonya went and brought her (that dogs name is Lady and is Bobs girlfriend apparently) over to spend the day with us. Sonya and her neighbors all have a dog club of sorts and they even come over to each others houses to take the dogs on field trips. So we had not two, but three bounding beasts chasing each other around the house. They know how to open the doors (with their paws AND jaws) and let themselves out whenever they feel like it. They generally rule the house and as much as I like animals, I had to be careful not to encourage them. And if you so much as look at them, they think you want to play so they jump and climb all over your trying to slobber in your face. I prefer cats. That`s all I have to say about that.

So Sonya and I watched one of her favorite DVDs while eating lunch. Then we went into town to pick up a few things including an electrical adaptor for my laptop. I was disappointed to find that they didn`t have any universal ones that would work for Europe as well so I had to settle on the only UK one. Then we went mattress shopping because Sonya said her back hurt from her current bed. We jumped up and down on several varieties before she found a few that she liked. I was glad that I don`t live here after finding out a mattress alone is over 700 pounds.

We met up with Andy who came home for the weekend when we were shopping in the Tesco. This is much like a Save-On Foods as they have clothes, home stuffs as well as food…kind of a one-stop shop. I found myself paralyzed in the soup section once again. I had to try a few of the flavors that I have never seen in soup form before. After all, they were only 45p. I had to keep reminding myself to increase the prices to double and a bit to convert into Canadian.

After unpacking the groceries and changing, we headed over to the local Indian restaurant. We ate crispy papadams and I got to have the best naan I have every eaten in my life. It had a sweet flavor and some kind of coconut middle…soooo good. I had a really hard time deciding what to order because I have never seen so many choices for Indian food. The menu was huge and they had a million different ways to prepare everything. Here there is truly something for everyone. In the end, we were all so stuffed with curries we couldn`t even imagine trying the desserts which in fact, even had their own menu. Along with the bill, the server presented Sonya and I with yellow roses which I thought was a nice touch.

Surely after eating such a large meal, I would be able to sleep the whole night through…

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