Long Lost (and found) – London, United Kingdom

I arrived at the airport in plenty of time for my flight. I decided to check the lost and found for my favorite fluffy scarf that the airplane “ate” on my last flight. I didn`t check my bag but on such a small propeller plane they have just about no space in the overhead compartments. I reluctantly gave them my bag to put underneath as I walked up the ladder (yes it was that kind of plane) to join the 20 other passengers. When I came down the ladder upon touching down in Montreal, I failed to check for my favorite scarf that I had attached to the outside. It had, itself, taken a trip. The lost and found people said it wasn`t there so…Woe is me. I cannot replace it as it came from Argentina and I have never seen another like it. I can only hope that someone else will get to enjoy it as much as I did.

A little downtrodden but not much, I made my way to the gate which was quite the hike really. I perched myself in a chair and dozed off a little. Next thing I knew, they were calling me to the gate desk. I sleepily made my way there and the lady handed me my boarding pass and passport. How she got it, I don`t know. Last I saw it was sitting on my lap before I fell asleep. Had I sleepwalked or had someone plucked it off my lap? I will never know but thank goodness I didn`t notice it was gone for the 20 minutes it had disappeared for. Then again, I wonder if I could have mustered up the energy to be the mess I normally would have been. Again, we will never know.

Finally we all boarded and I got to have the middle three seats to myself. I promptly sprawled myself out and wandered into la la land. The flight attendant on the left side wasn`t very nice and looked especially annoyed every time I would try to talk to her. But the lady on the right was kind and even gave me an extra ice cream.

“Ice cream?” she inquired after she already gave me one of the little cups 20 minutes prior when I came out of the washroom. She was about to start off with her cart and I decided to get the jump on the ice cream eating since I was in the second last isle. I figured the chances of me being awake by the time she got to me were slim so I got one then.

“Oh…..No. I already had one,” I said perhaps a little too wistfully.

She looked at me and cocked her head to the side seeming to size me up. “Wouldn`t you like another?” she asked with a playfully persuasive tone.

What kind of question is that? Well, I couldn`t disappoint her in her little game and the cups were so little…

I woke up just in time to catch the tail end of Moulin Rouge which for some reason, invoked a couple tears. I have seen this picture so many times and it still makes me cry? Oh silly girl, I thought to myself, you are such a romantic.

The lady in the next row had spent a lot of my waking time giving strange looks and staring at me. I wasn`t sure why but had started to wonder. Suddenly, we were both interrupted out of our silent contest by the man sleeping behind me. His snore was that of a roaring liger who just realized that a beariphant had stolen his supper. The staring lady looked at me (once again) and our eyes locked for a brief second before we both broke out in a fit of giggles. I guess all was forgiven thanks to the disturbance which we found equally hilarious.

After we touched down, I ambled along and flew past customs who barely gave me a look. I was an hour late as our flight had been delayed back in Montreal. Sonya would surely be waiting and I didn`t want to keep her even a second longer. Yay to see my long lost friend once again…has it really been two years?

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