Express Bonding – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I am not even sure what time I fell asleep but I do know I woke to one of the cats furiously headbutting me for attention. Half asleep, I thought I was being attacked by the fuzz police or some other branch of the fur station. Tiger was going straight for my head so it wasn`t like a subtle inquiry, either. Francois had already left for work (he is a photographer/filmmaker and ex-aerospace engineer) and I had to wonder what kind of day he would have with only 2 hours of sleep. I could almost hear him cursing my name from wherever he is shooting. But I know he will agree it was well worth it.

Francois has a roommate from Paris studying in Canada for a year. She was kind enough to walk me to the library before going onto her classes. I found the free lockers and shoved my packs in before clicking my lock on the clasp. I wandered into the Grande Bibliothèque which happens to be huge with state of the art amenities. I passed by the travel section which happens to be right near the front, the plopped myself down on one of the many black armchairs.

I opened my laptop, connected to the wireless and went to work. My head was really foggy and I wasn’t able to think very well so it took me about a hundred tries to remember my passwords. As soon as I did remember, I promptly forgot again. I decided to take a break and meet Martin for lunch. Perhaps a bit of food was what I needed to sort out the clutter in my mind.

I met my new friend and we walked around the corner to a vegetarian buffet that he knew of. It was a bright and trendy restaurant filled with endless mouthwatering options. We chatted about best and worst moments while we filled our tummies with the healthy fare.

“Do you want dessert?” I questioned Martin.

“Do you?” he answered with a mischievous grin.

I was already half way to the dessert selections before he realized what a silly question that was. He laughed out loud when he saw the array of samples that I had already loaded onto my plate. He offered to share with me and after looking at the result of my enthusiasm, I accepted. I tried to grab a little bit of everything including a tip of a piece of Maple Pie which I had never tried before. We hammered away at our sugar assortment sharing more stories of silliness. I was glad Martin didn’t care that our fits of laughter were forcing people to stare at us.

Martin hugged me goodbye before dropping me off in Old Montreal. I wandered around the cobblestone streets wondering if the sky would burst in any minute. Apparently there were supposed to be storms today but the heavy grey billowing clouds didn’t seem to wanna play. It was very windy tho and I decided to just sit down to take it all in. I watched the trees and spray from the fountain whip around in the powerful gusts.

I noticed the tourists who seemed to be quite international, taking fotos of this and that. I admired the very historical European style of architecture which surrounded me. I wandered into a few gift shops to view the ridiculously overpriced souvenirs I would not be buying. I found an old church and went to sit down for a while in peaceful solitude. I must have fallen asleep for a few minutes because when I opened my eyes, those who were there had left and a whole fresh bunch of tourists had filtered in. I found my feet and trudged along finally making my way back to the library.

I got some more work done before sprinting across the road to the bus station where I just made the airport shuttle. I tried to read a bit of the intriguing book that my boss had given me but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I was really looking forward to getting on that plane and sleeping all the way to London.

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