The TravelPod Training Program – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I woke well rested and got to work. I didn`t have to go far in fact I worked from my bed for a while until the spirit moved me to get out. Then I plugged along in the kitchen area all day because it was raining and pouring. I drank lots of tea and enjoyed myself until I started getting a little stir crazy. I began trying to think of names for my laptop…Luckily, Luc was online and rescued me from my working stupor by inviting me for a pint. He and Andrea came to fetch me so they could inspect some of my every so handy packing gear and my carryon size backpack.

We strolled around the corner and perched ourselves at a table in an outside patio of a bar. The music was pretty good but the conversation was better. I tried to give them tips on South America but realized not far into it, that they don`t really need tips. They are going to be just fine so I kinda just threatened that I would be upset if they missed Iguazu Falls. I am really looking forward to watching their trip unfold. Luc has been waiting for this trip for a while and there is no doubt that he has earned it. I don`t know how many times I have felt weird that he was working and building the whole site while I just wandered around and used it. He told me that it was great because I was their number one tester. And he enjoys it so much that its not really like work. In any case, soon it will be his turn and it`s about time.

So I am going to try to write daily posting at least one pod every 24 hours. There are several reasons one being that it will help with my self discipline. My ability to focus and concentrate seem to go hand in hand with regular practice. I guess this formula spills over to most parts of life. Seems that in life, if I really want to ensure success, then I must make a consistent effort. Therefore, this daily journal is part of my training program.

I have met lots of ppl who say that they just can`t seem to write in a journal everyday. You brush your teeth everyday, right? I can develop whatever habits I choose in life. These are the behaviors which will take me to my destiny. Writing everyday is an easier way for me to build my will power. That muscle becomes stronger and when harder things come up, hopefully then I have reached the levels to make better decisions.

The alternative is to default to societal and programmed habits that we got growing up. This is why in the past, I have chosen paths that were less effective in reaching the places I wanted to be. It is not so easy to say no to things that may feel good or taste good in that moment. But I decided that I don`t want my senses to rule my life. They are nice to have and certainly add to the enjoyment of may be otherwise mundane activities. Many times tho, I have given them too much influence resulting in substantial setbacks.

I am sure this stuff seems pretty obvious but for some reason, I have not given this principle precedence. That`s all about to change now. I guess I have been doing it in smaller ways to prepare. I have become something of a scientist in my life. I add and remove variables to see what effect they will have on my well being. I am getting better at it with time. The experiment which is my life is turning out to be a very interesting one indeed.

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