Quality Ingredients – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I woke up early for my conference call beating the wake up call (score!) and made some tea. The call went well and it was a nice backdrop to have downtown Ottawa come alive before my very eyes. It is a very clean place and Martin told me that they have special people who get paid (our tax dollars) to keep it “pretty.”

At noon, Martin picked me up and took me to lunch so I could meet the rest of the TravelPod team. We had great conversations and I was impressed by the dynamic we have. The mix of personalities and ages compliment each other quite well from what I can tell. We seem to have all the ingredients for success. Now here is the recipe:….haha gotcha! That`s a secret. But I can tell I am going to have fun cooking up a storm with my workmates.

After lunch, we headed to the TravelPod office where I will be staying for the next few days. We have an apartment which is converted into office space/living quarters. I am staying in the bedroom for the weekend and will now be able to really be able to say that I sleep at the office. Yeah, that`s just the kind of dedication that I have…you know how it is 😉

The weather has been warm yet overcast but just as we walked into the building it started pouring. I did a bit of work then walked over to Luc`s house which is 2 minutes away and had a visit with Andrea. We talked all about our respective traveling and volunteering experiences before Luc joined in. We ended up talking about TravelPod again and I sat there feeling really lucky to be where I am. I wanted to make sure Luc understands the impact that he has made on peoples lives.

The way I see it, if we were to web everyone together, he has touched millions of people. In my experience alone, people say I have helped/inspired/or in the very least, made them smile. Luc not only does the same with his blogs but he is a founder and facilitator for others to be able to share as well. All I have to say is that I think Luc has some tremendous karma happening. I am grateful and privileged to know such an intelligent and kind person. When Martin describes him as the “real deal”, he has hit the nail on the head. The world is truly a better place for having him in it. Now I should shut up because he is also one of the most modest and humble guys I have met so I want to respect that by not making him too uncomfortable. Luc rocks. Nuff said.

We ordered some business cards for me so I can finally stop writing on napkins and other random scraps of paper. I glanced around Luc`s home office and noticed many hallmarks of a world traveler. Luc sure likes his guidebooks proven by shelves of them displayed like trophies. Andrea and I joked around about it agreeing that we happen to be more of the “other” breed. The word of mouth kind who would rather hear the summary after the GB types have memorized it. I noticed that his books seemed to be in such good condition and wondered what kind of horror would happen upon his face if he saw what I have done to my previous books.

We discussed backpacks and shared packing tips for their upcoming trip. Luc even modeled his famous manskirt. It was pretty sweet if I do say so myself and Luc sure could sell it. I would have bought one right there, if for no other reason than the cute proud look on his face as he spun around.

By the time I left, the rain had slowed to a sprinkle and I was able to stroll home instead of sprint. I ducked into a few stores and found the people really friendly. I listened to the chatter and glasses clinking in the myriads of pubs that mark the area. As I meandered down the wet pavement lit by the soft glow of the street lamps, I found that I couldn`t stop smiling. So I decided to stop trying.

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