On Top of the World (or at least Canada anyway) – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Here I am in the 19th floor of the Westin gazing out over my nations` capital. I have a stunning view of the Rideau Canal and Parliament Hill. The tall rock clock tower says it`s just past midnight. The under lit Canada flag on the top is waving in the wind which happens to be in the perfect direction to give me the best view.

Martin, my boss, picked me up from the airport and gave me the quick version of the city tour before we headed for dinner. Martin has made a great first impression and the more I learn about him, the more confident I am about this company. And I was pretty sure before.

Luc and his s.o. Andrea arrived and we all spent the next few hours exchanging stories, ideas and plans. I was thrilled to meet Luc after years of being online acquaintances. What an honor to finally know the mastermind behind this whole operation. We would probably still be sitting there talking shop if Martin and Andrea weren`t practically falling asleep at the table. Can it be? Someone who likes talking about TravelPod as much as I do?

Martin drove me to the hotel and now I am puttering around my suite trying to let it all sink in. I look over my screen and see Ottawa in lights, which is really quite spectacular. Anyway, I really should get some sleep as I am waking up early for our weekly conference call. Although my body is still on Mountain time, I will get to wake up at 730am not the ridiculous 530am like when I was back home. I am elated to be actually able to go into the “office” tomorrow. I know that this is not something people generally get so wound up about but hey, this is me.

I sit here feeling on top of the world. Earlier tonight, we were talking about luck when Luc humbly yet firmly stated his opinion that “in life, one makes their luck.” A knowing smile crept across my face. Now, where have I heard that before?

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