Fly Away Little Bird – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am sitting on the plane, listening to music on my laptop and getting myself up to speed with TP. Sitting next to me is an older Polish woman who speaks very little English and is now sleeping. Next to her, (ofcourse I am in the window seat) is a couple of business men who are watching street breakdancing clips on a laptop. The “young guy” at his office uploads them so he can watch them at his leisure. They seem to be at least 50 so it`s quite comical to listen to them using terms like Cool and Awesome.

My dad picked me up at 6am and we got to the airport in plenty of time for my 830am flight. I checked in with my e-ticket using the computers to avoid lining up at the counter. I didn`t have to check any bags so I guess my backpacking skills are not so rusty after all. Security was quick although I wonder when I will ever get past feeling like I am being herded into a corral. There is Wi-fi in the airport and two separate providers you can sign up for. It costs about $4 for 15 minutes. I wonder if this is standard for most airports?

Oh here is my tea and the movie is about to start…later…

Later: Well, the Longest Yard wasn`t able to hold me for even 15 minutes. I drifted into a half sleep state for the next couple hours. It`s when you are more or less aware of what is going on around but you are not really there. Finally, I pulled myself back to earth (so to speak) and became a little more sociable for the last hour of the flight. I decided that one of the best things I can drink on a plane is tomato or clamato juice. Knock out a few of those servings of vegetables that I am supposed to get daily…every little bit counts right?

Much later: Now I am sitting in the airport in Toronto waiting for my next connection. (not wi-fi one because they don`t have that here…something Edmonton has that Toronto doesn`t…heh) I have two and a half hours to sit here in this hot lounge staring through the huge windows at the beaming sun. I left terrible weather in Edmonton (high of 9 c) to come to this (Ottawa has a high of 31 c). I have heard they have been getting a bit of a heatwave over here in Ontario and it looks like I get to catch the tail end of it. NICE!

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