Ready, Set…. – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

That`s it that`s all. I am all packed up and ready to go. I fit it all with room to spare and not just a little. I have begun to master traveling light especially with all those memories of trudging around with too much stuff. Ah yes, I know better.

Today was cold, rainy and very windy. Luckily, I didn`t have to leave the house with all my errands done yesterday. I puttered around packing and repacking, sorting and repackaging, stuffing and prioritizing. My sister watched me run around in my underwear trying on this pair of pants and that pair or shorts until I came up with the right combinations. I got it all into my old backpack and a smaller new pack which will be my “office.”

My nephews came home and I shifted my focus to get my last bits of them squished into my heart. We played a really long game of Monopoly Jr. taking a short break to eat one of their favorite suppers. Then we read Dr. Seuss books to each other before collapsing into a cuddle puddle. We snuggled and talked about traveling and stars and pokemon as well as other random thoughts that would keep sleep just that much further away. I can`t quite put my finger on it but kids have some special energy. When they touch you with their little hands its like a concentrated innocence and purity runs through your spine. Well, that`s how it feels to me anyway. I finally ripped myself away and kissed them goodnight promising them to be back before they knew it.

I came downstairs and Trina had made pudding for us to munch on before bed. She hadn`t seen my “Home” TravelPod and spent sometime checking on what I have been up to this summer. Lots of parties with people acting crazy, were her words I think. Well, that was part of it for sure…but there was much much more.

Now I am sorted. It`s just about midnight and I have to wake up really early tomorrow. I will be flying all day but it`s not common for me to get sleep on plane rides. So, I suppose it`s time for bed. I know that morning will come way too soon so I will have to make sure that all my stuff is by the door. I have forgotten things before in the last minute flurry of drunken doziness. Not this time. I am not sure when I have ever been so ready.

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