Last Minute Moments – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I have officially said my goodbyes after several more get togethers with friends. I have been getting the groove of my new job and am really starting to enjoy it. I have been working quite a bit and my nephews have gotten a little frustrated, noting that I am always on the computer or sleeping. I have been trying to make sure that we spend some quality time especially with reading them bedtime stories. I even got them glow-in-the-dark stars to hang from their ceiling so that they may start their Dream Garden. I got them all signed up for boy scouts and today we got their outfits. They are getting more and more excited now that they understand a little better what its about.

Today, we dropped off 14 gigantic bags of stuffed animals that will be shipped down to victims of Hurricane Katrina. My nephews insisted that their school do their part after hearing the call for toys on the local radio station. They gave up many of their prized and favorite gently loved stuffies. It was pretty amazing to see them so easily give up what they once clung to with their lives. Inspiring really. I was really touched by the generosity of my city when I saw the mountains of toys crammed in and around their headquarters. We overheard the staff were discussing the fact that they may have to drive not one but two trucks down to Louisiana.

My sister and I have been doing the sisterly thing watching chick flicks and eating banana splits. A bit of shopping here and there with the obligatory “life” discussion which we fumbled through this afternoon. There is a definite autumn chill in the air, despite the sun beaming down. And this evening, is has started to rain cooling things off even more. The vivid red leaves in the trees sure look pretty tho. Even as they fall…

I would say I am about ready to head off. Now if I could just pack my backpack. That will be tomorrows mission. Last but not least. I am feeling calm with a tinge of nervous anticipation. Man, I am tired. I should get some sleep because tomorrow is going to be a long day.

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