Wardrobe Wars

I was all worried about it for so long and it ended up only taking a day. Now I sit here in my empty room surrounded by a pile of clothes and doodads which are all competing for room in my backpack. There is not much space in there so things are getting pretty cut throat. I hear my favorite shorts bickering with my newly acquired scort (short skirt which has built in shorts).

My old travel pants seem to think that I will choose them just for the fact that they stayed in such good condition and they still seem to fit. Sadly, I had to retire my old pair of cargo pants with zipoff legs therefore my capris may just have a chance. I am seriously considering my comfy jeans tho I am the first to tell people what a no-no jeans are to take backpacking. They take up so much room and are hard to dry. My weight is bound to flux quite a bit so there is a possibility a pair of hospital scrubs may even make the cut.

My summer dresses take a different approach thinking sweet and demure may win their space. I know they are all secretly wondering why I haven`t worn them all summer and if I still like them even. But as small as they pack up they know at least one position must be filled with their kind. My socks are all trying to seem as fluffy and comfy as possible after seeing the carnage that came to their single buddies. My underwears are not so worried. Infact, I have noticed a few hiding and trying to get left behind on purpose. They would rather wait for me until I get back knowing that some that come, may just not make it back at all…lost from my collection completely.

The tank top family have been especially feisty now that they have grown to such a size. They all seem to want to see Spain for some reason and are debating over which colors would fare best on the beach. My swimsuit just sits there with a smug smile knowing that she is a sure thing. Functional, light and airy, easy to clean, sturdy and comfortable are all words I hear coming out of the battle before me. I have a few days yet so I may just let them duke it out for a while.

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