The Game Plan

The plan as much as there is one, is this:

I fly from Edmonton to Ottawa where I spend a few days meeting with TravelPod, my new employer. Yes, the company that owns the website I blogged on. Long story short: They got to know me through my travelogue and thought it would be cool to have me onboard. Who knew a blog could be a form of resume? I also get to see the capital city of my country for the first time.

Next I will fly to Quebec and visit Montreal for just 24 hours. It will be short and sweet and hopefully will give me a taste of how the “other” side lives.

I fly to London where I will wish my favorite Canadian-turned-Brit Happy 30th Birthday. From here things get sketchy.

I am thinking of heading to Spain where the sun will be stronger and I will finally be able to do it properly. I may even skip Barcelona to avoid getting stuck like last time.

Wherever I go, I must get to Italy by late October. I will meet up with a few friends (Danish Sus, and fellow Canadians Cortney and Aaron) and we will all jump on a cruise ship leaving from Rome. I will spend the next two weeks touring around Spain, Portugal then going across the Atlantic to hit the caribbean. We will all disembark in Florida then drive around taking in the sights for a few days. At the airport, Cort and Aaron will fly home while Sus and I fly west.

Our best case scenario is to road trip it up the west coast from San Diego all the way to Vancouver then across through the Rocky Mountains to Edmonton. If you remember, Susanne was one of the crazy Danes I met in New Zealand so I am sure the two of us will be creating havoc of some sort.

The hitch with all this is that I will be working. I will be in my “virtual office” every day. It`s going to be tricky but I think I can do it. I have the laptop so all I really need to worry about is internet connection, which as technology is advancing as it is, shouldn`t be too much of a problem. If all else fails, I will just wander the streets preaching TravelPod and recruiting members. I guess I will be the traveling billboard.

I haven`t planned much so I will be relying on word of mouth and the help of strangers. I was going to book accommodations and stuff but now that I am working, I just don`t have the time to dedicate to trip details. Now more than ever, I will have to play it by ear so wish me luck. If you have any ideas, suggestions or recommendations, bring em`. This will be a trip of faith, fun and proving to myself that I can do it…

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