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Three Cheers for the Cherimoyas! – Alicante, Spain

I made my way to the beach and nestled into a nice little spot near the water. There were people sunbathing and swimming as well as playing beach sports. The temperature was near 30 C but it really didn`t feel too hot. I ate my selection of fruits while feeling myself melting into a state of relaxation I haven`t been to for a while.

For the first time in a long time, I had nothing to do. I had no books or papers to write on and nothing to fiddle with except the sand before me. I drew little circles in the fine powder flipping around ideas of where I should go next. Either east or south…I was worrying about it for a while when I realized that these things work out better when I just release them for a while. I drifted off inhaling the ocean air and letting the sun coax my body into bliss. read more

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A Fruitful Interaction – Alicante, Spain

I woke up and caught Federico just before he left for work. He gave me a map and the keys wishing me luck. Little did I know how much I would need it. I drank some tea and minced (a word I picked up from Sonya`s Andy) about in cyberspace before emerging into the real world. As I went out the door, I grabbed the map and the cell phone Fed gave me in case of emergencies.

I wandered around the palm tree lined streets in the not too muggy but warm air and tried to get a sense of direction. I ended up walking about two blocks the wrong way before realizing it and turning back. I took a bit of a detour but finally got on my intended path which would eventually lead me to the playa (beach). read more

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Alicante Acquaintences – Alicante, Spain

I am on my way to Alicante which is a city by the sea on the east coast. I met Fed way back in 2002 when I visited Spain for the first time. I was on my way to the train station and needed to get my photos transferred onto a CD. I was in a little bit of a panic as I was running low on time but Fed was the friendly face behind the counter at the computer shop. While we were waiting for the pictures to burn, I told him about my trip. read more

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Wine`s World – In Transit, Spain

I am sitting on the bus near the back where I have two seats to myself enabling me to stretch out. I am watching the Spanish countryside fly by my window and it grows more beautiful by the minute. For a while after leaving Madrid, there was nothing but flat dusty plains but now mountains have sprouted up along with all sorts of green vegetation. read more

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The Real Madrid – Madrid, Spain

I slept fine until about 4 or 5 am when I woke up to the sounds of hostel life. People returning from the bars stumbling around “whispering” noisily to their drunken counterparts. Our room was pretty hot so we had left the window open so we were able to hear all the courtyard antics loud clear. I decided that I shouldn`t get out of bed so at least my body would get more rest. read more

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A Rare Find – Madrid, Spain

I woke to one of my 3 roommates shuffling papers around. I had met the other two when I checked in. They are two girls from Mexico who are here to study for a year and were just on their way out apartment hunting. The paper shuffler is from Korea and after talking for a bit, we found out we had a few things in common. I asked if Aesoon wanted to go explore Madrid by night and she agreed. She was just about to go to bed but I guess my offer was more interesting. We spilled out on the street armed with a map and bottle of water. Madrilenos are nicknamed gatos (cats) for their feline-like habits of nocturnal living. After all the canineness I experienced in England, I thought it was high time to balance it out a bit. read more

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Estoy muy cansada Senor. Necesito una cama..AHORA! – Madrid, Spain

Ok I am here and about to fall over. I am so tired. I am going to have a nap now. I just wanted to let you know an got here safe and sound and found a bed and now i am going in it. gnite.
——– When I woke I was able to write a proper entry and here is it:

I didn`t end up sleeping after all and got to the airport in plenty of time for my flight. It was my first time flying EasyJet, a lowcost internet airline. I was a little concerned because they even have their own reality TV show about what things can go wrong with them and their passengers. Sonya dropped me off in plenty of time and checking in was a breeze. I had to wait in a lounge area that is surrounded by tons of stores selling candies, books, clothes, you name it. I decided to spend my last pound that I felt heavy in my pocket and bought a few packets of tictacs. read more

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Sleep Deprivation – Andover, United Kingdom

Ok well obviously I can`t sleep. I am going to Spain in a few hours. So my last day in England went like this. I didn`t really sleep last night because I got on a roll with some work I was into. Tsk Tsk. When Sonya woke up at 8am I was still awake but starting to feel a little sleepy. I had some soup for breakfast and then saw Sonya off to work. I thought I should lay down for a while but then the dog next door started barking. So I just kept plugging away on the laptop. I still haven`t thought of a name for her…but I am sure it will come. I really feel that I should be naming her with the amount of time I spend with her. People name their stuff all the time. Sonya`s car is called Mabel and she talks to her all the time. So. Anyway. read more

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Release the Hounds – Andover, United Kingdom

We all tried to sleep in but we woke at around 10-ish and started the rehydration process. We watched a little bit of TV and Sonya showed me her favorite shows, most of them being reality based. I had my fill after about an hour so I ventured back into my bed. After eating a really big supper, we waddled to the local pub for the tradition of Quiz Night.

I sat there drinking coffee while everyone else drank pints of Guinness’s. I got to try Marmite crisps which I actually quite liked. I wonder if they have come out with Vegemite crisps in Oz. I was able to help my team out with the answers Okra and White Star Line. You can just imagine for yourself what the questions were. read more

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Birthday Bounce – Salisbury, United Kingdom

I slept until 4am at which point I did a bit of work before shaking my head and trying to go back to sleep. It worked! In fact, it worked too well and I slept until 1pm…opps! Sonya and Andy headed into town for the afternoon to do some errands while I stayed home and….yes, you guessed it, worked. read more

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