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Indecisiveness Immobility Complex – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jo picked me up and I rubbernecked like a typical tourist taking it all in. The store fronts, advertisements and house size projection screens blasting commercials mesmerized me as we navigated downtown cosmopolitan Toronto. Coldplay was giving a free concert just a block away which we were listening to live on the radio but we opted to eat instead. We went for Ethiopian and chatted about what else?… travel.

Afterwards, we went to a supermarket (24hours) to get pie (pumpkin!) and ice cream (cookie dough and brownie chunk). I was vibrating with anticipation but paralyzed by all the choices. Jo was fascinated by my enthusiasm and wouldn`t assist me in the decision making except for not allowing me to even “consider” getting the low fat versions. We got home and continued our rap session over dessert until our brains (and tummies) gave out. I finally hit the sack at midnight though I had very active dreams including a few slight nightmares. read more

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Safe(r) Crime and Peaceful Streets – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I took a walk enjoying the +24 sunny clear day with not even a whisper of wind. While waiting for Jo on Bloor street, a man ran past me at top speed with an arm full of clothes, hangers flopping wildly. I contemplated what he might be late for. Then another man followed, brushing me slightly in his haste. I wondered if he was going to the same appointment. But when the police man sprinted by seconds later, I admitted it was probably a robbery. It was all so surreal tho as everyone kind of just slowed up craning their necks in slight yet passive interest. Passerbys were unruffled and you could almost hear the collective thoughtful “hummm…I wonder…what`s happening…there?” read more

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Picked up – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

At the moment, I am fluxing between all states of emotional weather…my personal climate matches that of my city, Edmonton. They say if you don`t like the weather just wait 5 minutes and chances are it will change. Yesterday, after enduring the plane ride trying to manage my deteriorating health, I was so relieved to see Joannas` familiar face waiting for me behind the sliding doors. Even at 8am she was cheery welcoming me with open arms asking if I was up for a lil bit o` Tims (Tim Hortons DONUTS and COFFEE). I sniffed my pathetic stuffy nose with big watery eyes, smiled a grateful, “oday…da wou`be dice.” read more

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Body Heart Mind Soul – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The day before I came back to Canada, I got a bellybutton piercing. I wanted to do something symbolic to ritualize the end of my trip and it was one of the safer, more reversible (not to mention non-committal) options. I got three stars with diamonds in them which graduate from biggest to smallest, hanging vertically. One for each year I was away. I had three romances. The first lasted one day, one was a week and the last went for one year. I lost three cameras. read more

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END the page BREAK this way BEGIN

End the Break way Begin

END the page no words are left
From then to now the hand has lept
One door closes slamming shut
Before another opens up
Stand alone dark long hallway
As echos of what was now fade
Its that moment in between
When all the seams just seem to seam
In front down low beneath the door
Above the floor a crack no more
Creeps through a light of sunlit fuzz
Fun sounds excite a static buzz
Click goes the catch now come what may
Invites step forward come to play
Enter this play to move within
New chapter starts this way BEGIN

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On my way – Santiago, Chile

Well, that’s it. I am in transit waiting for my flight to Toronto. I left BsAs a couple hours ago and have managed to get really sick between now and then. I am exhausted and my tummy is a mess. Hopefully I can sleep a bit tonight.

I cant think very well at all. I have taken it easy over the past few days mostly spending my energies packing and cleaning up last minute stuff. The goodbyes were really hard but not the end of the world. I finally made amends with Max after 3 months of estrangement, read more

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Packing break – Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am in serious trouble. I cannot pack. It`s like trying to fit an elephant through a rabbit hole. Its not so much that I have way too much stuff. Yes, I have accumulated but I am prioritizing very quickly. I will be leaving a lot of unusefuls and has beens and even some treasures, just to make sure I have something to come back for. More so the problem here is the fact that I am going. Moving. There is a strange familiar tingling which has been making its way into my brain every now and then. read more

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Mission Statement

This is what I learned from traveling. They started out with simple concepts like packing light, writing a journal, not wasting, sharing, playing, paying attention, listening, trying new things, and keeping balance. I was able to expand them into my own personal mission statement. What`s yours? Everybody has one…whether you have written it down or not. How do you choose to live?
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My ticket home – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Whoa. It`s all happening so fast. I took Cookie to the country to live with Antonella and her hubby. It was really special because I had never been to her house before. I only had minimal tear-age when saying goodbye to my kitty because I know what good hands she is in. I finally moved and settled everything at my last apartment which was a huge relief. Its amazing how different places have different energies and how they can affect you. I had all my last classes this week and I was moved by their sentiments. I promised them I would be back one day and that they had better practice while I am gone. There is nothing more rewarding to a teacher than seeing their students succeed. read more

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Patriotism – Buenos Aires, Argentina

The other day, I went out for a nice dinner with friends. While we were eating someone was having a birthday and the entire restaurant proceeded to sing clap hoot and holler (ALL the men generally drooling like love sick puppies) along with the stunning musician/singer. This went on for at least 20 minutes and they even sang La Bamba which I could also sing along to. It was a wonderful feeling and I thought about this special kind of charisma that I would miss back home.
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