REALLY Happily Ever After

So. How does it feel to be home? I feel different. I feel a little wiser. A little more weathered. A little more genuine. Life. It`s not all peaches and cream. But it is real. And real matters. Real feels. It feels to a level and intensity that nothing superficial can touch. And now I know that is a fact. I spent a lot of time and energy trying to substitute and short cut my way through…for one reason or another. But I just can`t simulate the real deal. The authentic article produces a result like no other. I may get amazingly close and even fool a lot of people (including myself). But in the end, there is a sense of emptiness. A nagging tug that something just ain`t right.

Out of the clumsiness and confusion and chaos, I can now secure a foothold of certainty. I didn`t know what I was looking for. I don`t think I have found it yet either, but I am pretty sure I am on the right track. I don`t really know how or when it happened. But somewhere along the line I have stopped searching out there and looking within. That`s when I really started to see magic.

The thing is that now that I know this to be fact, I don`t think I can ever go back. I will always get more satisfaction from doing it “right.” And to be honest, I have found it even makes the process more gratifying. There is something very noble about it and I like that feeling. So I will take the extra time. The extra effort. And go that extra mile. Because I know that it DOES make a difference. There may be a faster, easier, newer (?) way but never, never at the expense of doing it whole-heartedly. Sincerity finds honor.

I can take comfort and solace in the knowledge that no matter what, I can ground myself. In all the complication that we have created in order to make life “easier”, I have found a key. Wherever I am, whatever the situation, focus on the simple and find harmony. Connect and find balance.

They told me that fairytales don`t exist. They say there are no such things as fairies or dragons. But now, I know the truth. I have played with the fairies, befriended dragons, practiced with wizards, battled some monsters (they are really not mad and bad…they are just sad and need hugs BADLY), and met wonderful creatures of every kind from farawaylands. Is it still fiction if you have lived it? I am learning not to trust what “they” say or what it “looks” like. Now I am seeing that many times, its even the exact opposite! On my quest I have learned many morals from witnessing the contrasts between the universals. Good vs Evil, Rich and Poor, Beauty and Ugliness, Kindness and Cruelty and I think there are many more. As I have been reflecting on my adventure, I am beginning to see parables.

So perhaps I have found my faith, belief, hope, or whatever word you want to use. I have realized my truth and although it may seem strange, weird, or crazy, I know it is real. No wonder it was so hard to find. I had to peel away layers and layers of superficiality, artificiality, and downright lies. It seems like this world is becoming caked with it! I wondered why I felt ill watching these “reality” tv shows. Even tv is not real anymore. Um. You know what I mean. I guess everyone is so gung ho about the virtual world that they are forgetting that they are giving up the real world in turn.

Why is everyone getting so fat? Its pretty obvious. I figured it out when I got the fatfree ice cream….I just kept eating it and eating it waiting for satisfaction. Um. It never came. So I experimented a little (I really should have been a scientist with how much I like experimenting) and found out that it took more (alot more) of the fake product to get even near the same level as from the real product…and even then, something was missing. This formula seems to be congruent with other “fakes” as well, not just food. Nope, there is nothing like the real thing. Just like my nephews keep telling me…it`s not so much about right or wrong, its about making good choices. Kids are so smart. They teach how easy (and obvious) it is to make the good choice of living happily.

So I have become a big believer in the natural reality. Its not so easy when everyone else seems to be going the other way but I am beginning to think its a matter of health for me. I just feel better…and to be honest, I have begun to appreciate life alot more recently, after all these bizarre deaths. Many of my friends have been closely affected and quite shaken up by this. There have been a startling number of otherwise young and healthy people that have been just dropping dead for no good reason.

So now I see the world a little differently, more mystically. I see heros and legends being born everyday. I see dragon warriors and angel healers working together to cure the denial and skepticism making people sick. Everyone is equal…there is no queen or king, only mother nature and father time. I see elves, dwarves, princes and princesses. Together, we will build our Castle in the Sky which will provide a safe haven for those weary and worn. Since the “normalies” don`t believe that they can fly, they will never be able to follow us there. There we can recuperate and replenish our energy and spirit. Whats that? You don’t know the direction to the Castle? I am working on the map as we speak. Have faith…Believe.

Because when you take courage and believe in your dreams…they become reality! Now that I understand this secret, I want to tell everyone. It`s a magical power we all possess but perhaps, like me, they had forgotten. I guess you need to practice and use your gifts or else you risk mis-using them (if you believe bad things will happen, they seem to manifest sometimes too) or forgetting you even have them.

So, Yay! It is very much a fairytale proving that they do exist indeed. And best of all, I have just discovered that all along, it was very much a love story. It was not at all how I expected it to be but something so amazing, so fantastical. The greatest love of all. So I get a HAPPY ENDING to my REAL FAIRYTALE in which I got to be a HERO! You must believe me when I promise you that even if I die tomorrow, I WILL REALLY LIVE (really)happily ever after!!!

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