Dear Darkness

Dearest Dark Side,

Never again. I am wise to your ways now and I will not be misled. Now I know what you look like. I have seen your face. You`ll NEVER defeat me. Through this battle…I have discovered a key. In trying to destroy me, you have strengthened my character and created a legend.

Every missile of evil will be returned with a thousand kisses infecting you with Good. I have tapped into a never-ending supply of Faith and Hope which crumble the walls of worry and dissolve stones of scorn. I have uncovered a brilliant blaze of Enlightenment, which illuminate the darkness and incinerate the masks. I have developed an intense power of Love, which deactivate the weapons of hate and cure the disease of fear.

When you get tired of hurting, I will be waiting for you in the valley of Understanding. When you feel up to it, together we can climb Awareness mountain until we reach Perspective point. Here I will introduce you to some new friends Peace and Harmony. Then we can all join Joy for playtime in the Dream Garden where there are no limits to how high and far you can grow.

Thank you for showing me the way.

Love Always,
Your Light Side

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