Marriage of Then and Now

Cortney was waiting for me with open arms and helped me haul my suitcases and backpacks into her house. Our house! I greeted her little dog Max who was more than happy to see me again dancing around my feet like a whirling dervish. I thanked Cort graciously for sharing her space with me for the next while. I can`t imagine a better place to decompress and get my head together. She has great taste and just happens to have ALL the coolest gadgets.

She showed me around the three floor condo which looked even better than last time I was here. She has been pretending to be Builder Bob playing Tool Time so her place looks great with happy new paint and classy hardwood floors. We toured around and she introduced me to all the amenities including a fully equipped home gym. Some of the equipment looked familiar and then I remembered that Cortney was one of the people who helped me liquidate my possessions before I left. Cool! Just goes to show that sometimes when you let things go, sometimes you get them back but even better!

My room is big and my closet takes up a whole wall. I wondered if I had enough stuff to fill it. There was only one thing up on the walls and it was an old poster of the first Star Wars left from her past roommate. I don`t have anything else to put up except for a calender that Joanna gave me from WWF. So now I have Mays` pensive looking gorilla staring at me and Luke Skywalker ready to shoot when I wake every morning. Cort and I had a lot to catch up on so we spent the next hours chat chat chatting over tea after tea. Its good to know there is someone else who likes tea as much (well, maybe not quite AS much) as me which was apparent from her fully stocked tea station.

I slept pretty well although I still had a feeling of surreality through the next few days. I located some stuff that I had stored from before my trip and packages of stuff I had sent home. I had several time capsules to open. I let it all explode in my room thus beginning the long and emotional task of organizing my “stuff.” I sorted through clothes I haven`t seen for years remember the last time I wore them.

I came across the clothes I had first used in the beginning of my trip. I inspected them carefully remembering the wear and tear fondly. They felt like ancient artefact’s from a life previous as they seemed to have a special energy. I decided what would retire and what would be amalgamated into my new wardrobe. It was quite the process as I would sometimes get choked up with the overlapping feeling of the old and new. It felt like introducing deep-rooted solidity to a magic light freshness. It seemed to create a floating like feeling as they mingled together. It`s a strange space. Nostalgic and poetic.

Finally, I had assembled neatly and carefully my things creating my little corner of the world. I laid my head on my pillow and surveyed with my sentimental collection of memories on my bedside table. There were little gifts I had received from people along the way as well as my favorite pre-trip candle and some books I have still not finished reading. I realize that at least for the next while, everything will be classified into two categories…before the trip and now. I suppose someday even that will change but for now, I am just beginning to see the tip of the iceburg.

I am feeling myself growing. It`s the most amazing thing. Moments of wonderment tickle my spirit causing sudden bursts of laughter sometimes jarring people out of their numbness. They contemplate me curiously (but not suspiciously) not quite sure what to make of me. Other times the atmosphere gets heavy as a boulder of understanding scraping across my soul which forces me to breath deeper. Then, every so often, there are moments when a puzzle “peace” seems to fall into place with an electric snap. It`s the most unbelievable and fantastic rush I have ever experienced!

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