Harmony – Toronto, Canada

So now it is 330am and I leave in three hours to the airport. I am not even going to attempt sleep tonight. I have so much emotion pulsating through my body right now. I am so grateful. I feel so blessed. I cry every time I think of all the beautiful moments of awe and wonder I have experienced. I sit here and close my eyes sending out a mental thank you. Did you feel it? I am nearing the finish line. It`s my final lap and I can hear the crowd. The cheers and congratulations are so heartfelt one can`t help but be inspired. Places, faces, moments and memories flip through my head like a slide show. I am so proud of myself. I did it.

So I am coming home. Mom and Dad, I can`t wait to share with you all my discoveries. I know my mom has been following my blog but my dad is who is a little less technologically inclined has been waiting patiently for the one on one version. That`s going to be a whole lot of coffees and teas. I am looking forward to every single minute of it. I just want to marinade and soak it all in. Each time I relate an experience, I learn something else that I didn’t see before. I realise that the effects of this whole cause are just beginning. Now that I am finished, I can stand still. I let the waves of growth crash into me. I am evolving.

My tears are more concentrated now. My smiles don`t just shine out, but now they shine in too. I am not afraid of myself anymore. Or what I will do. Or what will happen. I have stopped fighting the war that I convinced myself was “necessary” and made peace. I am learning to believe. I can see the good in the good and look for the good in the bad. Because I know its always there. I am discovering a side of myself that I suspected, but was not sure, existed. In loving others and finding gentleness in this world, I have found it in myself. What a pleasant surprise.

I want to enjoy my human-ness. I really want to connect. With people, places, things, processes, moments, with the whole experience. Because in that connection I find out about myself. It`s like everything is a big experiment. I try out all the different formulas and find my special combination. I have discovered that when I do come upon one of these little gems, I get a sense of peace, power, and connection. It is in that time, that instant when all just feels right. And you know that no matter what, it will be ok. And you feel it. It`s like a hug. Everything just seems to fall into place. Harmony.

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