The Final Fiesta – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Joanna and I dolled ourselves up and bounced out to go clubbing for my last big night out. We matched outfits…she was black and I was white and we both had sexy pink highlights. A short cab ride later we arrived at a place called Guvernment and had an amazing time, like always. The heavy sound system pulsed and throbbed throughout the high ceilinged warehouse-like main room. Another smaller room had such loud bass that it felt like it had scrambled my entire chemical makeup. The lights were stellar and the set up was fantastic…who knew they had this kind of thing in my HOME country!

All this time, I thought the party was everywhere else but here it is, it is here. One of the best I have ever been to and in my very own backyard…who knew? I danced all over the place until I had explored every nook and cranny and every secret room. We gave out glowing stars and tried to use up the last of my Canada stickers. I made lots of new friends and everyone seemed really excited for me. There were lots of people playing with glowstix and in ways I had never seen before. I learned a few new tricks and found the whole night was like playing in a playground.

I don`t know why but somehow, when you are at home, life just seems easier. I seemed to have just a little more bounce to my step and felt a familiar energy that made me feel like I belonged. Through the whole night, it never ceased to surprise me when people would speak to me in English. Then I would remember where I was and get so excited. My eyes would light up as I gushed to them how happy I was to be home and how lucky we are to get to live in the best country in the world. By the end of the night, I think almost everyone had a Canada Flag sticker plastered somewhere on their being. I tumbled into bed with the words Welcome Home echoing over and over and over in my heart and my head.

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