The Long Walk – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Next I passed by the Canada Life Building which has a tall lit beacon that tells you the weather. The ball at the top is color-coded but no one can seem to remember what means what. Just to clear it all up here is how it works: green means clear, red means cloudy, flashing red means rain and flashing white means snow. I imagine if it was snowing you wouldn’t really see it then, would you…tricky. There are also lights up the tower which indicate weather temperature is rising or cooling or stable. Clever little (well, its actually quite a good size…yes, size matters) invention which makes watching the weather channel pale in comparison.

I wandered down Yonge Street, which is called the longest street in the world running 18 kilometers. I ducked into the Eaton Center shopping mall but got a headache after only a few minutes. It was just way too…excessive. I grabbed a slice of pizza and got some sea salts from a health food store to treat my tender bellybutton. I noticed that pocket calenders were discounted drastically and decided that this would be a smart purchase. I may have need for a schedule now. Who knows? I fumbled around the plethora of sizes, colors and formats while the store clerk watched amused by my lack of decision making skills. I used to have a bit of a calender problem (ok, in truth, it was more of an obsession), which seemed to peak just before I left on this trip. I had a record 9 calenders going at my workstation alone. I take these things quite seriously and have limited myself to only having one, if any, so it had better be a good one. After a good half hour, I changed my mind for the last time and plopped down the 69 cents. I self consciously mumbled some comment of maybe needing to plan something sometime and he smiled offering an encouraging “Better late than never.”

I turned at Bloor Street (full of hip stores and trendy restaurants…there is sushi every block) and even tho the weather had gotten quite crispy in the past half hour, I decided I would take a walk to Casa Loma. I strolled around the outskirts of the medieval style castle admiring the details. I noticed that there were not horses but unicorns emerging from the walls. I also noticed that they had stolen my personally stylised initials and incorporated them into their iron fence. See? Everyone wants a piece of me.

I got a little lost coming back home but not too much. I hurried along at the temperature was dropping quickly and I am not exactly acclimatised anymore. Joanna and I went out to meet her friend Barry at a elegant restaurant/bar called Panorama on the 51st floor of the Manulife Center. We gabbed for hours while watching the sun take leave and the city lights pop on. After eating an overpriced salad and tasty yet not quite there bruschetta, we spoiled ourselves with desserts. Joanna and I went outside and played with the timer on her camera while taking lots of city shots. I teased her about being silly when she hesitated to climb up and lay along the ledge for a “really cool shot.” But when it was my turn I understood her apprehension. A long way up just doesn`t cover it. Next, Barry showed us to one of his secret haunts called the Up and Down bar which I kept calling the In and Out bar. We met a few funny characters before heading out with a Go Green slogan on the tip of our tongues.

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