Triple D – Doing the Domestic with Daniella – Burlington, Canada

I was really happy to see my cousin Danielle again. She came to fetch me and we went for a Thai lunch. I had a green curry and she had mango chicken…it was yummy in my tummy. We loaded my pack into the car and chatted catching up all the way back to Burlington where she and her husband live. It takes about an hour to drive to this quiet and peaceful suburb where Danielle has spent most of her life.

We spent the next few days hanging out, shopping (I was in serious shock and paralysed by the all variety in the supermarket which altho she said it was “small”, was the size of a small country), eating and visiting. Her cats were especially affectionate making me miss my Cookie yet looking forward to seeing Bug. We found that one of her fish “got voted off the island” figuratively speaking. I just noticed a spine at the bottom of the tank. I asked her if she is keeping piranhas only a few feet from where I was sleeping. Um…not quite she said thoughtfully but almost. Nice. Apparently they are called African Chichlids and they are just about as vicious. I think I prefer petting the cats.

I got to have some great chats with Adam and found out we have alot more in common than a birthweek. D (always taking care of me) made me some special inserts for my shoes and fixed my favorite sandals. I loved visiting her work which I have heard so much about over the years. I felt so proud of her for creating such a successful business that she loves so much.

After a tranquil and refreshing few days, I began really getting excited about seeing my mom and dad. I guess being around relatives does that. One time in particular, I caught a short glimpse of the two of us in a mirror and saw our family resemblance. That`s happy! We came back to Toronto and went for Japanese (See Daniella? We did get our little taste of Asia together after all!) before hugging “see you soon,” not goodbye. She is on a different (but exciting!) path than me at the moment but I know over the years we will only become closer and closer.

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