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Indecisiveness Immobility Complex – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jo picked me up and I rubbernecked like a typical tourist taking it all in. The store fronts, advertisements and house size projection screens blasting commercials mesmerized me as we navigated downtown cosmopolitan Toronto. Coldplay was giving a free concert just a block away which we were listening to live on the radio but we opted to eat instead. We went for Ethiopian and chatted about what else?… travel.

Afterwards, we went to a supermarket (24hours) to get pie (pumpkin!) and ice cream (cookie dough and brownie chunk). I was vibrating with anticipation but paralyzed by all the choices. Jo was fascinated by my enthusiasm and wouldn`t assist me in the decision making except for not allowing me to even “consider” getting the low fat versions. We got home and continued our rap session over dessert until our brains (and tummies) gave out. I finally hit the sack at midnight though I had very active dreams including a few slight nightmares. read more

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