Body Heart Mind Soul – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The day before I came back to Canada, I got a bellybutton piercing. I wanted to do something symbolic to ritualize the end of my trip and it was one of the safer, more reversible (not to mention non-committal) options. I got three stars with diamonds in them which graduate from biggest to smallest, hanging vertically. One for each year I was away. I had three romances. The first lasted one day, one was a week and the last went for one year. I lost three cameras. I went through three serious illnesses. I had three jobs. It took me three months to lose myself and three months to find myself again. Then again, there are a few things in which I am only at number two…I guess I am not done yet.

Body scarred and bruised
From memories of life fast

Heart is strong and healed
A point removes the cast

Mind is stained with instance
Experiences last

Soul infects life deeper
Revealing futures past

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