Packing break – Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am in serious trouble. I cannot pack. It`s like trying to fit an elephant through a rabbit hole. Its not so much that I have way too much stuff. Yes, I have accumulated but I am prioritizing very quickly. I will be leaving a lot of unusefuls and has beens and even some treasures, just to make sure I have something to come back for. More so the problem here is the fact that I am going. Moving. There is a strange familiar tingling which has been making its way into my brain every now and then.

Am I so excited? Or am I nervous? Am I elated? Or am I stressed? I don`t really know but I am happy. That I know. I feel that I am in peace. I am exactly where I should be. I am not worried about my future and really, not even thinking about it. I am not sad about my past or regretting anything…I am grateful. I am in this very moment because of it. I can`t stop smiling. I have developed a dimple. I don`t know where it came from as I have never had one before. I have a few theories but my favorite is that I have always wished to have one. And now all my wishes are coming true. I smile at myself in every mirror to see if its still there.

Anyway, I am procrastinating. No. No, I am balancing. I am taking a break from packing and sorting and ending this chapter. I am taking a breather. Listening to some music and writing. Drinking some tea and stretching a bit. So. Tonight I saw a few friends for a quiet night in but I left early because I have to pack. Tomorrow is my last day in Argentina and I want to enjoy it fully.

I have decided that next, I am going to heal the world. I am not positive how I am going to do it but I have a few ideas. My sweet Agustina and I were walking along and she asked me if I really believed that we could. I looked at her like I always do and matter of factly chirped, “Ofcourse I do!” And if you haven`t noticed when I put my mind to something well just watch out. I love the fact that a few other friends didn`t even hesitate before they enthusiastically asked, “Cool! Can I help too?” Well, who doesn`t want to feel better? Isn`t that a universal fact?

Ok. Breaks over! Back to packing…

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