Facts about Facturas and Freedom – Buenos Aires, Argentina

So we are into the final countdown. I guess everything has become much easier all of a sudden as I realize this is like the end of a great movie. It was becoming a bit overwhelming there for a bit but I seemed to have gotten a handle on it. I am not so much focusing on this past year which has been very intense but all of my experiences away. So. I am loving living in my new place. Belgrano is a hip area and the people, once again, are quite friendly. I mean, I suppose you get what you give. And when you are happy, it reflects back at you. There is a lot of great window shopping on Cabildo which is a cheaper and more exciting version of Santa Fe, my old stomping grounds.

The streets are almost always hopping and there are lots of cheap eats to be had. I prefer to cook in my modern fully equipped kitchen. Deby likes to cook (and I was privileged to taste her first tarta which was top notch) and has all the “stuff” to show for it. So, I have been frequenting the supermarket next door which is perhaps a little (a few centavos) more than Disco or Norte, but the quality and speed of service make up. Their biggest draw perhaps is the fact that they price Diet Pepsi (which here in Argentina is quite a lot cheaper than Coke) more reasonably than any other soft drink. Deb loves it when I say “pop” which made me realize that not everyone knows what I mean.

So, Engish 101: Pop=Soda=SoftDrink=FizzySugarWater=Gaseosa.

Anyway, I also have discovered the delight of facturas. This is a problem. Or it would have been if I had discovered them sooner. Facturas are Argentinas answer to donuts. Oh boy, watch out Tim Horton. They are smaller (but range in size) flaky pastries which can be filled with membrillo (jam-like), custard, or however much dulce de leche they can cram in there. Sometimes they are not filled with anything and look like miniature croissants in which case they are called medialunas (half moons). In every case, they are deadly because you never ever eat just one. That`s the problem with the fact that they are so, well, unbig. You reason that another wont be “that” bad until you have eaten the whole dozen. But a dozen is only 3 pesos which is less than $1.50 CAD. I eat it all and go back for seconds because soon I will be having to shell out $1.50 for one donut. Like I said, its just a good thing I didn`t become addicted to these sugar-carb bombs before.

My apartment is quiet and very relaxed. It took me about a week to calm down from the stress of the past few weeks so there was about 5 days with minimal sleep. I got pretty clumsy there for a while (injuring my hands 3 times within 2 days) with all the noise going on in my head so I had to make a conscious effort to s-l-o-w down. I got to a point when I called home in tears at which point my concerned mother insisted I come home immediately (for the first time in 3 years). We talked a little more and she got out of me that I hadn`t been sleeping much to which she said a long “ahhhh…I see…” then chucked sweetly, “Ok. Honey, listen. I think you should sleep now.” Somehow, that was the cue I needed and I then slept for 2 days. Sometimes you just need to talk about it.

I have so much missed living alone. Its such a relief not worrying about bothering someone all the time. And generally, you get to live by rules that make sense to you. Now I am remembering now you can influence the atmosphere with the tone of the music or the smell of a candle. I am doing my pilates, yoga and really getting back into touch with my body. I take lots of baths and have been doing lots of reading. Altho I may not have the amazing view as my ex-roommates` place, I am much happier here. I can finally breathe again. I guess looks aren`t everything.

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