The Wind Beneath My Wings

Well, I just want you to know that it seems to run in the family. Despite all and even more, my sister is someone who I am in awe of. I want to dedicate an entry to her because she is a big reason I think I am where I am. I talk a lot about my parents and I am forever grateful for everything they made me. I am essentially a mixture of their best. But my sister is my best friend. She really took care of me since I was little when everything started to go wrong between mom and dad.

Most of my childhood memories are of her and I. She has been my best teacher even tho she doesn`t know it. We played school (with chalkboard, desk and all) before I was even in kindergarten and I am still her student. I wonder if this early “play” school had anything to do with my being on the honor roll most of my school years? Or was I in fact doing her homework for her? In any case, they say to really learn something, you should be able to teach it. She always wanted to be a teacher…she ended up marrying one. We used to play restaurant where she was the waitress and I was the cook.

The menu was limited to cereal, pancakes, hotdogs, fried eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches and cream puffs. Playing Barbies was a tradition but as it wasn`t my favorite, I would always somehow try inappropriately to incorporate my various toys ie. my little ponies, stuffed pets, real pets (oh those poor hamsters!). We also played store where we would set up our room into a department store of sorts. She was the cashier…I don`t quite remember what I did…I must have been the salesperson. We played skipping rope and made tents (we called them forts) all over the basement using every sheet in the house. I still remember quietly stripping all the beds and sneaking the sheets down the stairs from under my mothers nose.

We would also argue and fight like sisters. We had some real doozies, but usually she was the beneficiary of the black-eyes, broken off thumbnails, and defaced dolls. Sorry Trina. But she got me back a few years later when she was “cool” and I was “not.” We grew together. We would share and steal each others friends on a regular basis. I remember the age that I became the pesky little sister who clumsily tagged along behind her. To her chagrin, I constantly “borrowed” her clothes and copied her ways, trying to get a little of her sophistication and mysterious goddess-like beauty to rub off on me.

One moment I will never forget which seems so small but well, now that I think about it, is quite important. We had just moved into a low rental neighbourhood in the big city after my parents had a messy breakup. We literally had nothing but wooden crates, which we used as chairs. We didn`t have our toys anymore and there were no sheets to make forts. There was no money for “fun” stuff so we learned to take advantage of the library. Free entertainment. We would sit on the stairs and take turns reading to each other. One book contained the word “pell-mell” which we didn`t understand but saying it out loud threw us into a fit of hysterics. I think we laughed so hard we peed our pants. That was the last time I laughed for a long time.

During our teenage years, we both endured our tribulations, she more gracefully than I. Whatever she got into I did it ten times worse…you know about friendly competition? She was hard on me at times and I remember being pretty sure that she didn`t like me much. I didn`t understand at the time that it was so hard for her to see me getting into trouble. She would get so mad at me. And then she just seemed to stop caring. Now I understand that it seemed like that because she cared SO MUCH. When I was 16 and made the decision to move to a different province to get my life on track, she would drive me the 13 hours to Vancouver. I was perplexed by her emotionality as she had always done such a great job of guarding her feelings.

“Why are you crying”” I puzzled not being able to remember the last time I saw her unable to constrain herself.

“Because tomorrow, I am driving my little sister away,” she choked through her tears.

Trina was a dancer (Traditional Scottish Highland dancing), singer (she won so many competitions), and incredibly beautiful. Well, beautiful she still is. Through much adversity, she married her high school sweetheart, had two incredible boys (MY nephews…my two favorite men in the world), and now runs several businesses. Click here to check out her website…she built it herself! Or alternatively go to . See if you can spot my nephews in her portfolio and you will know why I am so proud. She helped me scrapbook my oodles of trips (pre-RTW…my warm ups) into a really cool album that everyone is always fascinated with. There is something nostalgic about turning the physical pages in the storybook of my adventures sitting on the couch (or better yet, in a park among nature) between my nephews…opposed to in front of the computer. Besides one day, I won`t be here to tell the story and I want to make sure they remember me! I will not be deleted.

It was really hard for me to get used to sharing her with her husband but when she told me she was pregnant…I bawled my eyes out. I was torn between happiness at little Trina running around and panic at the fact that I would now be bumped to THIRD on the Trina totem pole of attention. I got over it pretty quick but I will have you know that Auntie was Nubians second word after mom. I am convinced that it had to do with all the time I invested talking into her tummy to MY new baby!

She is humble to no end and really doesn`t get the impact she has made on my life. She studied photography and is extremely talented in her creativity. Once, I rescued a bunch of her class “projects” from the trash and hung them all around my house. I still remember the look of shock and mortification on her face. She ordered I take them down at once but well, finders keeps and there was no way I was giving up my treasure.

Trina is always reminding me how fortunate I am to be able to travel and experience so much. I look at her achievements and think the same. My big sister. I love you sis and I can only hope that everyone gets to know such a magnificent woman as you. However do you do it? A caring friend, loving mother, patient teacher, loyal wife, clever business woman, creative decorator, respectful daughter, determined entrepreneur, generous volunteer, resourceful planner, and encouraging sister. No one has ever believed in me like Trina, not even me. She is my inspiration 🙂

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