You must do the thing you think you cannot do – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

It was great to go home but not great enough to make me stay. And after a month of rolling around in the familiarity, I began to hear the faint hum-drum roll signaling my queue to depart. We had only a few days before our flight would leave from Vancouver and as Edmonton is 14 hours away by car, that meant just one thing….ROAD TRIP! I was able to convince my work-a-holic friend Cortney to take a break and come with us. It wasn`t too hard to twist her rubber arm as alot of the drive was through one of the most stunning parts of the Rocky Mountains.

The night before we were to leave, Max and I scrambled around trying to pack up everything. It wasn`t until then that I realized that I, for all intensive purposes, was MOVING to another continent. The other side of the world. Literally, the FLIPSIDE. It wasn`t that I was afraid or anything…it just struck me that of all the places in the entire world, this was the last place I thought I would end up.

Max once asked me what I thought about Argentina before I got there. My honest answer: I didn`t. Not once. In fact, I shudder to admit that I wouldn`t have even known where it was on a map. Somehow, due to a negative experience in Mexico when I was younger, I had written off ALL of South America. I know, its the most ignorant thing but I really thought that it would be all the same. I mentally blocked out any information about this continent that happened to cross my path.

If I did know anything at all about South America, it was buried deep within the recesses of my brain and even then, was probably only residual from some past life. I didn`t want to come and began dreading it way back in Africa, seriously debating whether I should just forfeit the remaining of my RTW ticket. Why should I visit a continent I didn`t want to because of a `default`?

Anyway, I did come because my disdain for wasting was stronger than what I decided would be a `learning experience`. Now, I am going to live there. Willingly. Happily. Funny how life works sometimes. Now maybe you say, you moved for a MAN!?! Miss Commitmentphobic herself. Um, well, I AM a romantic but this is not just any man and I knew that from the start. I seriously shocked even myself with the familiarity in which we moved since the night we met. It really felt like, `Oh there you are! Damn, boy! I have been looking all over for you!`

I will never forget the moment Max took a deep, almost confused stare which seemed to penetrate my soul. Then all of a sudden, his eyes grew pie wide moving from bewilderment to recognition in a fraction of a second. Tears welled up and he whispered with amazement, “It`s You!” You know the saying that love comes when your not looking? Well, I guess cupid thought it would be safe to hide him here. For me, love really WAS `where I least expected it`. Only when I would overcome my false assumptions and fears from my past, would I prove myself worthy of such a gift. Now it all makes sense.

It almost seems like I had to go through this obstacle course and learn and grow before being rewarded with true love…only then could I fully appreciate it. I love surprises. So, packed up with all my stuff (which really isn`t much anymore) and we had just an hour to sleep before we were to leave at 4AM. I crept into my little nephews` room and kissed them on softly on their forehead knowing that next time I see them they will have grown ONCE AGAIN at rates still too fast for my liking. For sure this would be the last of the potato rides and piggy backs.

I squeezed one last long and hard hug from my mom, somehow hoping to imprint the feeling where I could recall it at any given time. For when I needed one of those `Mom Hugs` that only they can give. Somehow, we jammed everything into the car (just barely) and the four of us were off! Cortney, Max (she also has a Max but he is of the canine variety), Max and I. I gazed up at the still dark night sky and wistfully bid adieu to my stars which seemed to twinkle back at me as if to say “Don`t worry…we will always be here.”

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