Wrap up my life once again – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

On the way back to Edmonton we decided to take a detour to visit Drumheller. This is where the dinosaurs are and its located in the `badlands`. I wondered why after living only two hours away for 25 years of my life I had never visited this place. `Dinosaur Country` famed for one of the worlds largest fossil collections at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology.

Before we left Calgary we picked up a couple dozen of my moms favorite donuts to surprise her. Well, maybe it was the 6 maple glazed chocolate filled sugar bombs that I gobbled down in record time that kept me from really appreciating it all to its fullest. My attention span nil, I bounced from exhibit to exhibit making stupid comments like `hey that guy looks hungry` pointing at a dinosaur skeleton, until suddenly I crashed. I was looking for any available chair (I even remember gazing enviously at kids in strollers and people in wheelchairs) to take a little nap but Max kept dragging me along patiently and steadily.

I guess it all comes down to the fact that I don`t really like museums much. And as we drove away, I was happy in the knowledge that I would NEVER have to go back there again. Now I knew why as children we never made that trip down to the dinosaur land…sometimes parents ARE right. Anyway, we finally made it back to Edmonton after driving for what seemed like forever. My driving stamina is really…. well, not there anymore.

I was happy as we got back into the city to see a big thunderstorm forming on the horizon. Yay! That night we drove out to the country behind my parents house and parked in a field watching the lightening illuminate the sky until it started pouring so hard that the windows glazed over. I still had some work to take care of over the last week but Max helped me so much from shifting my storage space to making dreaded appointments a little more bearable. We ended up getting to most of my favorite restaurants and Max got to see lots but not all of my special spots. Gotta save some for next time. We did go to the Klondike Days parade and one night went to the fair which is in my opinion, way classier than the Stampede.

Perhaps some of the best fun that we had was going to the waterpark. Its located in West Edmonton Mall (the worlds largest mall boasting themepark, golf, skating rink, a lake, cinemas, not to mention 800 stores! You can even sleep in the mall…they have a few hotels one with theme rooms complete with waterfalls ect) and we morphed into two small children as we scrambled up the thousands of stairs to whip down the miles of waterslide. We splashed around in the wavepool and soaked in the hot tubs. The place takes up 5 acres and after three hours, I felt like I had a workout to last me the whole month.

So when we met my parents for dessert afterwards, I really had no guilt pangs after all those stairs. I had earned this decadent chocolate delicacy. My sister the photographer took us to the legislative grounds one sunny afternoon where we picnicked and watched the kids splash around in the wading pools. Trina took some really adorable portraits of Max and I in the colorful flower gardens. We also went bowling (one of dads favorite pastimes) and I watched while dad `taught` Max the proper way to roll a ball. He never gave me a one on one lesson like that!

Sometimes I felt my family liked Max more than they liked me the way they would fight over who got to spend time with him next.

One night just one night before we were to leave I noticed that the sky was moving a bit outside…I ran out and sure enough, there were the Northern Lights! yay! I really wanted Max to be able to see them and altho they were quite faint we were spellbound by the mystical lights slithering electrically though the nightsky. Its a spooky yet awesome experience to witness the aurora borealis which are never the same twice. After ever paper was signed, every souvenir was given and every hug hugged, I finally felt I was ready to leave…once again.

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