Chance of a Lifetime

You say that I`m lucky for all that I`ve got
Be careful, my friend, who desires my lot
If you covet my prize then consider the cost

Observe both what I`ve won as well that which I`ve lost
Jealousy on the success earned by others
Stifles potential, empowerment smothers
So high and so mighty you sit there and judge
Come down from the sidelines,bring with you your grudge
What makes me so special, so different from you?
The fact that I try not, the fact that I do
The answer is simple, not some magic potion
Just get off your butt and move forward in motion
Tired of hearing a wimpy “I couldn`t”
If you believe that deserve it you shouldn`t
At least then please spare me your whiney sob story
We all have our problems, no courage no glory

I am not smarter or faster or better
The difference between us is I`m a go getter
If Only or I Wish or Maybe Someday
Cheap words for somebody not willing to pay
Step up, call my bluff, lay your cards on the table
Let go of your safety net, trust me, your able

A circumstance victim, you pitifully pout
How long will it take for that card to play out?
I don`t understand or know what you`ve been through?
You dwell in the past? Your sole limitors` you
I`m not being cold or unkind or unfair
I`m tipping you off, You`ll succeed if you dare

Squander your time on designing your reasons
Energy wasted, an excuse for all seasons
You think that I`ve cornered the market on luck?
A hole of self pity you`ll always be stuck
What pain doesn`t kill you will just make you stronger
Determined dig deeper enduring much longer

Quit your complaining and jump in the game
Spectator never earns fortune and fame
What can you win if you don`t risk the play?
Haven`t you heard empty wagers don`t pay?
A coward will sit there and blabber the talk
The brave will endeavor to master the walk

Equation to puzzle the quizzical mind:
Do just what you`ve done and what change will you find?
Paradigm shifting, face challenge to grow
Pressuring boundaries so limits let go
Designing your dreams will project them to happen
Transform your life putting action to yappin`

Envy is one of the deadliest sins

Crippling you from achieving your wins
Every moments a choice, every choice is a chance
Every movement you make is a chance to advance

Our future is painted by what we can see
Believe in your self and your vision will be
If you imagine it, it can be yours
Opportunity`s banging! Just open your door!

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