Passing time – Buenos Aires, Argentina

I suppose I have a lot of time to think. Perhaps I should be coming up with much more profound and intellectual thoughts but they seem to be quite simple. I shall post them anyway. It will give a snapshot of my world at this moment. Things that I notice:

·When the baker waves as I walk by, even tho I have only been there once.

·The little girl re-selling packets of tissue examines the peso suspiciously to make sure its not counterfeit.

·The mandarins still have leaves on their stems and they are available all the time…not just at Christmas.

·When someone who doesn’t even work there offers you help because you look lost.

·When someone asks you for help even tho you don’t work there.

·When you have a sock long enough to get a hole in it.

·When walking down the street begins to resemble a game of hopscotch as you dodge all the doggie doo doo. I still have to stop and stare when I see one person walking 30 dogs.

·It can be easy to mistake anger for fear.

·I could walk for miles on the tops of buildings here. There are no gaps between or if there are, it wouldn’t take a superhero to leap them.

·I haven’t woken to the smell of freshly cut grass accompanied by the rumble of the neighbours lawnmower in so long.

·People with more seem to be more suspicious of kindness than people with less.

·The slumped over old lady sitting on the trash bag staring at her fuzzy green socks.

·The calendar posted at the bank displays the wrong year. Still 2001.

·Its very mean to criticize someones laugh.

·Sometimes its easier to stay inside.

·Sometimes a soft fluffy scarf and hat changes everything.

·The rain is not so bad when its warm.

·Sometimes assigned seating in movies is annoying.

·I cannot rush a dream.

·The pizza places have very limited toppings: no pineapple, no mushrooms but they all seem to come with olives whether you want them or not.

·I can tell alot about a person by how they take care of their health.

·Atmosphere in elevators is extremely volatile.

·My name sounds way different in Spanish.

I am sitting at a table where everyone is speaking in Spanish. I only know a few people and I only understand small snippets of conversation. When everyone breaks into a chorus of laughter, I look down and play with the crumbs on the table. I feel invisible. Sometimes its hard to be different.

I am at the gym and we have to pick partners to do sit ups. The girl beside begins chatting away and I sheepishly admit in broken and childlike Spanglish that I am just learning. Her eyes light up and she is instantly intrigued. I have made a new friend. I feel special. Sometimes its good to be different.

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