Tiesto Trance Techno Trippin – Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you would have told me that I would be going to see Tiesto in South America in 2001 when I started listening to him, I would have laughed in your face. When tickets went on sale, it was a no brainer. Long ago, I stumbled upon some of his stuff which was my introduction to electronic music. Max and I downloaded a bunch of his mixes so that we could get pumped up for that Saturday, not that we needed any help.

When the night finally came, Bernie, Andres, Max and I jumped in a cab down to the location. We arrived at 11-ish and the line was already blocks long. Good thing we had VIP tickets. No line for us and after waiting for Pablito and friends, we walked right in. The gigantic parking lot size tent (better pics than what I took can be seen at www.heinekenmusic.com.ar/frameset.htm ) was already quite full and I wondered how on earth they were going to fit the rest of those people in here.

I took a wander to get my bearings (read: locate the washrooms and check out the grounds layout) and discovered that VIPs get access inside a whole different area. Instead of having to use the portapotties there were normal, functional and fully papered toilets inside. Bonus!

The other day, I was at a bookstore and this guy overheard me speaking in English and even tho he didn´t work there, he tried to assist. Well, the small world that it is, I ran into this guy again here. And he turned out to be a friend of the friends I was with. I had no problem making friends in the ocean of primarily Spanish speaking crowd of near 10,000. Everytime I would plant myself somewhere, I would inevitably end up chatting to someone who was fascinated by my, erm… unspanishness.
Awww what a cute pair…
Awww what a cute pair…

Anyway, Max took off for a while and I ended up dancing to the warmup DJs near the front having a good ol’ time until he waded back to me through the almost full tent. I was having so much fun I hadn´t even noticed how many people had packed in behind me. It was nearly impossible to move and Tiesto had not even begun yet.

Altho the tent was outside, inside the tent the mercury was rising at record pace. People were all smiles and as the night wore on, the mass began to show more and more skin. I was thankful for the little crochet top I had chosen with built in air conditioning. Nevertheless, I was soaked from head to toe as were the rest of the exuberant ravers.

The man we were all there to see made his entrance at 2am. The next few hours were a blur as we bounced, bobbed and boogied down. Our swarm had multiplied into around 20 so there was never a shortage of familiar faces.

Tiesto is great at accelerating the tempo at a steady pace then suddenly exploding into a quake of thumping beats hammering through your every vein. Think of shaking up champagne with all your might then standing still for a split second before letting it erupt with a piercing pop. Except he maintains that level of energy driving it higher and higher.

To my delight, all my favorites made it onto the playlist. I especially grooved on his Traffic set and was thrilled when everyone started singing in unison during Silence. The grand finale was sensational as he worked us up into a feverish throbbing unified pulse finally gratified us with a mind blowing bang.

I was muy impressed when after an enormous ovation, an elated Tiesto climbed up on his table to wave with such genuine gratitude at his fans, even throwing out his headphones into the crowd. His astonished smile beamed out brighter than the lasers and lights which made it quite obvious that fame has not yet gone to his head. Despite being voted the best DJ in the world he still seems quite down to earth which makes his performance just that much more.

Max and I watched the sun come up over the water before heading home for a few days of sleep. I didn´t even realize how hot it was until I got out into the open air where I proceeded to freeze my toes off. Ok, they weren´t my toes but this is a PG site. It was certainly a most phenomenal event which I would not hesitate to repeat.

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