Max and Me – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Well now. Where was I? Or perhaps, where am I? Somehow I made it through that 42 hour bus ride without proper food or sleep. The last leg was the worst when the person sitting beside me decided to elbow me out of my past-drowsy state to fight me for the armrest. When I finally decided to pull back the curtain and quit the broken attempts to rest, I found that the sun was beaming down with such an intensity.

I began to wonder just what I was doing. I was going back to Buenos Aires to explore the possibilities. And as they say, the possibilities are endless. When was the last time I took such a risk? Ok, its one thing to jump out of an airplane or climb into water teeming with sharks. This is different.

I realized that as brave as I seem, I am a complete scaredy pants when it comes to taking chances with my heart. But here I was, about to reignite the fire that I paused 3 weeks earlier. It had become painfully obvious near the end of my time in Brasil that I was missing something…er, someone. So. The moment of truth was rocking up on me as each mile passed.

We had barely communicated while I was gone but as I stepped off the bus and into his arms, it was as if I had never left. As we reunited, the feeling was one of such relief and contentment…

My friends and family back home will appreciate the following analogy:

You are in your big comfy bed swimming in a downfilled blanket and oodles of pillows. The house is silent save for the faint tick tick ticking of the kitchen clock which you can only hear with a precise concentration. Outside, large fluffy snowflakes quietly drift out of the heavens settling into a pure flawless carpet veiling the ground.

It`s the first day of winter. It`s been a long hard week at work, perhaps one of the most trying, but now it is Friday night. You have the whole weekend ahead of you. No commitments, no plans, absolutely nothing to do. As you nestle down deeper and deeper into your haven, you realize you have everything you need. Your cupboards are stocked with all your favorite foods, a stack of your favorite books and magazines, and you just ripped off the plastic on the new CD you had ordered months ago.

The house still smells like freshly baked cookies that your neighbour unloaded on you as you walked up the mysteriously already shoveled walk. You are just about to bite into one of those melty choco chip cookies and push play on the stereo when suddenly the phone rings jarring you out of your state of bliss.

You have been called back into work to lock the doors as someone has forgotten. So you bundle up and make the treacherous trek along the slippery streets back to the office. You narrowly miss being smashed by an oncoming car whose driver has lost control and slides into the meridian piled with snow. You slow down to a crawl tripling your ETA home. Better to be safe than sorry, you remind yourself as your thoughts return to what is waiting for you. If you can just get through the next hour of stress and responsibility, you will be home free.

Now, it ends up taking quadruple as long as your tripled estimate because you had to assist a few stranded strangers. But all this only intensifies the depth of the breath you finally exhale as you click shut the front door behind you.

…His arms are like the flames of the fireplace, enveloping my chilled body in warmth. As he holds me tightly, his breath on my neck tickles gently like a feather, sending shivers up my spine. Like pulling apart magnets, he slowly separates our bodies but just enough so we can look into each others face. Our eyes fix into a steady gaze and although my feet are squarely planted, I feel the sensation that my body is falling. We behold one another in intense moment of admiration, then share the most tender yet passionate kiss…and I realise I am not falling…I am flying.

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