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Carnaval not quite – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

After switching apartments from Copacabana to Leblon where things were a little bit less crowded, I took things pretty easy. I mean aside from the beach day I really only had one other big night out.

I was quite disappointed when I tried to go to the Sambodromo where things were just a little too hectic. That night after hitting wall after wall, we ended up just wandering down the beach. I was in a terrible mood so I really thought a walk down the beach feet in the sand by the surf was just what I needed. I ended up stumbling upon a tent set up on the beach playing decent music. After a headstrong debate on whether to stay or go, we ended up chatting with a few people then finding out it was a gay party. We chatted a bit making a few friends so I guess the whole night wasn’t a complete write off. read more

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