Girl from Ipanema – Leblon, Brazil

It was one of the only sunny days I got in Brazil but I made good use of it. Vani and I wandered down (a whole block away) to the beach. The beach graduates from Copacabana (which despite its popularity is quite disappointing really with all its rubbish layered in the sand), Ipanema (a little less touristy) to Leblon (where the more posh locals hang).

We walked down the beach and settled into a small spot beside an empty coconut shell. Not many empty patches this day. I guess everyone had the same idea and when the elusive sun decides to make an appearance the locals obey.

You can buy these coconut water drinks almost anywhere and they are supposed to be pretty healthy. When I got one, the guy cut out the top and slid a straw in handing it over. I expected it to be a little sweeter and perhaps a slight bit more er, coconuty, but it was refreshing all the same being a cool drink on a hot day.

I spread out under the glaring sun after slathering sunscreen every place I could reach with my sandy little mitts. It didn’t take very long before I began to overheat necessitating a dip in the ocean. The water was warm but extremely salty. And I must admit the waves were not very kind to me. After being smashed over the head and almost losing my bottoms, I played Sand Monster for a while.

My energy fading quickly as if each minute exposed to the sun would dissolve it like sugar to water. Yes, I really felt I was beginning to carmelize. I splashed around in the sand for a while then made my way back to the apartment. The sand is nice enough as long as you keep shoes on otherwise you will toast your tootsies.

When I finally went home and rinsed off, two huge mounds of sand gathered at my feet when I removed my top. I thought my chest seemed a little bigger than usual. One of the most demoralizing moments for a woman is bikini shopping in Brazil where the dental floss ensembles have less fabric than barbie clothes. They are not topless here. You just can`t see the tiny swatches pasted on to their bronzed bods.

When on the beach tho I didn`t feel self conscious at all as every body type is showcased, not just the impossible size negative threes` flaunting their stuff. It seems the goal is how little amount of cover you can get away with providing the maximum tannage. Well, needless to say, some people have misjudged slightly.

So that was my one day at the beach. I forgot about how much I love the beach, the ocean and the sand. Then I realized that without the sun, all these things just seem a little damp. I couldn`t stop thinking about Argentina where everything seemed sunny todos los dias. And even the rainy days were something to remember. Hey wait…don`t I still have a raincheck to use in Buenos Aires?

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