Balancing Brazil – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

After the football, we went out for drinks around the corner from our humble little abode where I proceeded to get a little tipsy after only 3 drinks. I guess my tolerance is down. I ended up pulling my famous disappearing act telling the others that I was going for a walk down the street to decide if I wanted to go to the next bar. Or some messed up excuse like this.

I really don`t remember what spooked me or if I just needed a change of scenery. I do remember craftily darting across the busy street separating the bars from the beach. I nestled myself into a my own private little place on Copacabana beach where I serenely watched the waves tumble in getting my head together. I think I debated on going for a swim…for about 2 seconds. I wandered back and decided to call it an early night. I was only in Rio for less than 12 hours after all.

I managed to get completely lost trying to find my way home even stopping at Bob´s (a local burger joint) to see if he magically knew where I lived. While I was there, I decided a salad (my healthy conscience well in tact despite my impairment) would be in order, but after waiting about 10 minutes the manager handed me my money back and an ice cream. I really don’t know what happened if they were just out of salad or what but altho feeling a little defeated with the transaction, me and my ice cream found our way home shortly afterwards.

I took it easy for the next few dias building up my health and energy for Carnaval, which is due to start any minute. I have been resting alot and eating very well (its all about balance, in´it?), except for one day when I went out for beers (chopp?) with a friend of Aunts. I learned alot about the Brazilian beer making process and I even got a much revered Brahma glass. Now if I can just figure out how to pack it into my backpack…

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