Chasing waterfalls – Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Louise and I both had a decent time on the Magic bus which took us away from BA to Iguazu Falls which is near the top of Argentina. Ok, it wasn’t really a magic bus but we made it one. It made for a fitful sleep but I could actually feel the temperature rising by the minute the more north we got.

We checked into our hotel and then took a wander around this tiny little town. Most things were closed as it was the afternoon and I guess they are napping. We picked up a few fruits, veg, cheese and this peculiar sweet potato jelly stuff that Max turned me onto.

We lazed by the pool and napped calling it an early night. I am sure glad because the next day was like an expedition compared to the level of energy I have become used to expending over the past month. Save for all those nights dancing in the clubs, I haven’t really done much and my poor little feet paid for it.

We jetted from the hotel early and found that our snug little pack had expanded to a group of 6. Not so cool as I began to feel I was with a tour or something. I guess this was also a day for me to practice some patience.

We took the bus to the falls then trekked around looking for the proper path. We finally found it after getting off on the wrong sliver of the roundabout. The walk was particularly beautiful but all the delicate butterflies flitting about made it even better. They are so vibrant and healthy, boasting lemony yellows, tangerine oranges and sunset blues. They were landing all over us for a little ride then as quick as they came they were off.

The falls are truly a spectacle to behold and nothing I really write here will do them justice. They range from a trickle to a cascading stream to a full on raging avalanche. Everyone kept asking me how they compare to Niagara and I can only say that they are not the same. Like comparing apples to oranges. These falls spill over three countries and you can stand there looking at Paraguay and Brazil.

Tramping around a luscious rain forest with falls peeking out around every other corner. We went for a boat ride which took us straight into and under the deluge drenching us completely (those plastic bags they give you…ya, use them). It was crazy because I couldn`t even open my eyes there was such force and pressure but when I did I noticed that poor Louise had been swept away! I didn`t know whether to laugh or cry at the soaked little Irish girl sloshing around halfway down the isle of the boat flat on her back. It was great fun!

We took a nice little sunbreak on the island snacking then going on a little walk up what seemed like a hundred stairs. They views just keep getting better! But after a lovely light lunch we discovered that we had definitely saved the best till last. The sun and clouds took turns unveiling some powerfully bright and full span rainbows. The cool mist was a welcome relief on my roasting skin. The blisters on my feet were a small price to pay for the choice day I just had.

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