Su el Mejor – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Riiiiipppppp! I am finally released from the steel clad hold Buenos Aires cast on me weeks ago. I am just taking a much needed break from the 30 plus temperatures outside. I finally got my stuff together and am moving north. Gotta get to Brazil in time for Carnival so its time to put on my shoes again. I have purposely left the south for later.

Today Louise and I ventured down to the bus station where Leo, our translator, guide and all around sweet guy, helped us sort it all out in a matter of minutes. Some old couple behind us asked us if they could borrow him to help make a phone call. He complied without a second thought.

I really didn`t know if we would get on a bus tonite as hoards have been moving up towards Brazil for the past few weeks. I have a suspicion that I may run into a snag up at the border tho…we

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