Becoming Argentinian – Buenos Aires, Argentina

I have been in BA for some time now and am really starting to feel like I live here. I have been just soaking in the atmosphere which is filled with a special sort of energy.

I walked along the waterfront in the balmy night air and observing all the lovers whispering on the benches. We visited Recoleta park where there are little trinket stands and tarot card readers. We couldn’t visit the graveyard where Evita is buried because it was closed and the place is surrounded by a high and thick stone wall. There is a mall type gallery which was quite artsy and modern then laid in the grass counting the stars.

Max and I have been having loads of fun going to dinner and dancing, movies, long walks through the city and talks in the park. It`s really great to have a best friend to adventure and explore with. Imagine how elated I was when one morning for breakfast, he ordered a huge banana split.

It has been muy calor for the majority of my time here sometimes even preventing me from trekking around much outside. One day it started raining like cats and dogs forcing us to detour and stay in until it subsided. The roads were even flooding!

I met a couple of English who partied so much that even I couldn`t keep up. Max took me to a very addictive vegetarian restaurant which is highly addictive. Getting hungry again just thinking about it.

I moved a few blocks away into a different neighbourhood which is not bordering the craziness called Avenida 9 de Julio. That is 16 lanes of vehicles whizzing around like its a free for all making all but impossible to not feel like your are stuck in a nightmarish game of Frogger. There are 3 sets of pedestrian lights and believe me, they never seem to be in sync.

I suppose it`s great for all those adrenaline junkies out there. I am sure there is an extreme sport in there somewhere. After clubbing, it`s nice to just go lay in the sunny grassy areas which border the massive thoroughfare. One guy got a little too comfortable I think, taking off everything but his tighty whiteys and sunglasses posing on a cement bench on the middle meridian.

I learned about the troubles that Argentina has been through in the not so distant past. You can definitely feel that this is a place of brisk change yet unlike some other big cities, the people remain warm, helpful and friendly. Except for the lady who hijacked my laundry.

I made this mistake once before in Barcelona. Putting in all your clothes to be washed leaving only er…a skirt and bikini. Well, we were just going to stay in on that Friday night but my new lovely Irish neighbours Sarah and Louise, who I nabbed from the hostel, dressed me up in their clothes.

I have to admit that I am having a really hard time leaving this place. I guess something inside me knew I would. Curiously, I bought a pet flower plant on the third day I was here. Also, there is something about not having any set date to have to adhere to. Plus the weather is warm here and food is quite tasty.

The architecture is stunning and the nightlife is a force to be reckoned with. Nowhere else will you see the interesting and unique array of clothes and hairstyles. Yes, mohawks and mullets to fishnets and killer shades. It`s not hard to find anything you need and people are patient and helpful in trying to help me learn the culture…and…Ok, ok…I am falling in love.

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