Its getting hot in here… – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Well, I am pretty much stuck here in Buenos Aires. It`s not a bad thing tho as I this is quickly becoming one of my favorite cities. There is so much to do here. If you want it you must surely be able to find it.

It`s really easy to get around and taxis are relatively cheap. The only real annoyance is that they seem to like to take you on wild goose chases alot. And they never know where anything is. Or at least this is what they claim when they have to stop and chat with other drivers all the time.

Another thing is how many people smoke. Of course this has been quite prominent throughout my trip. I guess people back in North America take for granted eating in a restaurant without inhaling a lungful of smoke. After my first party weekend, I lost my voice. So I was at a whisper for almost a week and near the end I had troubles breathing at night. But I am now better and am taking more conscious efforts to be away from second hand smoke … ug…just as the guy in the next chair lights up.

It has been incredibly hot the whole time I was here. I mean sweltering which would normally be ok but my room doesn’t have air conditioning so it is almost impossible to sleep. Luckily BA has an amazing nightlife so I don`t have to sleep much anyway. The really strange thing is that no one really goes out until 2am. I don`t think I have gotten in much before 10am on party nites. For a while I was just sleeping all day and dancing all night.

Last weekend, I went to one club that the people were not very friendly at but the next night was the exact opposite. I went to a club called…are you ready for it? Big One. Haha. I really got a kick out of the name but true to its name it really is quite huge. I thought it was in a great old mansion but apparently its actually an old church.

I bounced around plowing my way through the very busy dance floor making all sorts of new friends. Most of them couldn`t really speak Spanish but we managed despite the pounding music. I was having fun checking out all the sayings and pictures on the teeshirts when I saw one that was pretty intriguing. I didn`t even think before I found myself touching it. I had to get close as the pattern was intricate. Bounce bounce bounce.

I met some sweet girls who kind of adopted me into their little circle and would get so excited when they would see me coming by. Then I saw the shirt again but this time I looked a little higher and saw a very interesting pendant. I had to touch that too. Bounce bounce bounce.

I found a group of people I knew from my hostel who seemed to be enjoying themselves just as much as I. The place really is huge and with the sky high ceilings it feels even more immense. There are not too many times that I have felt overwhelmed in a club but I had to take a few breaks up on the second level looking down from the balcony.

I was just wandering when hey! There is the shirt again. This time I look up up up to see one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen. And surprise surprise he speaks English fluently. We chatted a while and I agreed to teach him about Canadian geography in exchange for Spanish lessons. And then we danced. And oh my…how well we dance together.

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