Tantalazing tango – Buenos Aires, Argentina

After sleeping in Friday, I ended up lazing around for the day then grabbing quick nap before heading out to a tango theatre. Kelsey, Susanne, and I were front and centre for a spectacular presentation of classical, modern and some very cool theatrical tango. I was captivated by the intensity of the performers and sitting that close I could see that it came down even to the expressions on their faces.

I would blush at the burning piercing stare kept constant between the dancers. Their legs would whip around, twist and snap in such quick succession, all the while keeping their chests pasted together like glue. There were times that their faces were close enough that you could almost see their breath intermingling, millimeters from a kiss. Tease, taunt, flutter by, circling until the moment of embrace.

When he grabs her as she passes, he leads her around the stage gently yet with such authority. As they glide by their dance builds and builds into a passionate frenzy finally climaxing in a tender kiss. I could almost feel their hearts pounding in sync.

There was quite a drama incorporated into the show as well and some great group dance pieces. The music was fabulous and the choreography was spot on. I really enjoyed the intricate costumes which were romantic and sexy but how on earth do they dance in those shoes?

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