Settling in to the scene – Buenos Aires, Argentina

I arrived into Buenos Aires and even just riding the 1.25 peso bus ride to the hostel, I felt a lift in my spirits. I couldn`t really put my finger on it. Sure the weather was warm and the people seemed nice enough…but that wasn`t it. It was like I had been here before.

So I checked in and then went for a walk around to find something to snack on. First thing I noticed was how cheap things are here. I picked up some mini empanadas and then scoped out my hostel. It`s a really good layout as far as I can tell but I really didn`t talk to anyone that first night.

I more or less just hung about and then went off to sleep in my hot hot room. It`s a good thing that its girls only room because you really cant stand to sleep in many clothes. Plus we have our own bathroom…bonus.

On Thursday, I met some people and we trekked out to look for a place to get a massage. We stopped at the buffet place for lunch first and the spread was quite impressive. Unfortunately, I wasn`t hungry yet after eating the carb loaded breakfast that they serve up at the hostel.

We wandered around the center up and down the streets. I learned that one of the girls had the same birthday as me. Now I know 5. I ventured to the grocery store and picked up some fresh veg to make a salad. The cheese was bit strange…very soft but I thought I would try it anyway. I chatted with some more people then had a nap.

I learned that people go out in this city no earlier than 2am. So an afternoon nap is definitely a must. I woke and shortly after we were off in a few taxis to a club in Palermo. It had two different kinds of music on two different floors. It was ok I guess but I really didn`t love it. But it was only Thursday…I had two more days to aim higher.

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