South America so far – Santiago, Chile

Well if you want to come here its a really good idea to try and learn some Spanish. It`s not hard to find people to practice with, that’s for sure. Lots of people want to practice their English with you so it works out quite well.

Altho I stayed in a nice part of Lima, there are definitely areas that look quite dirty and decrepit. I remember seeing some guy throwing up in the middle of the street onto a pile of garbage. I only had a short time so I spent it all in Lima but apparently the places to go are Machu Pichu and a town nearby that is the party hub of Peru.

Easter Island was alright for a short break but again, I wish the people would have been more friendly and welcoming. But if you want quiet and solitude, you can find it there. And lots of heat.

Next I arrived in Santiago which was a modern city full of all the conveniences. On the way from the airport, I saw what seemed like a hundred football – soccer – fields, then basketball, skateparks and a playground at the end. Overall the city was alright but I didn`t find the people overly friendly here.

Even the staff in the hostel were grumpy and unhelpful. I am learning to stay away from privately owned hostels in South Am as they really don`t have any standards. My bed kept breaking and falling apart and the stove was not working so it made cooking difficult. I suggested a small camp stove in the meantime but the owner said it wasn`t worth the trouble. I heard something else. We were not worth the trouble.

The only redeeming factor for me was that I met some pretty cool people – other backpackers – who made the visit bearable. I feel really sorry for all the stranded backpackers who are waiting for a flight to Australia. There are so many people and not enough flights.

Apparently, the planes are overbooked till March. This is just one more downside of a round the world ticket. I met some people whose ticket actually expires in the meantime and they will have to shell out thousands to get a new ticket. Altho I wasn’t seriously going to use my last flight from Santiago to Sydney, it would have been nice to have the option.

Oh and one more rant please. I had to pay a fee to get into Chile something like 50 US dollars then can you believe they made me pay to leave as well! Another 26 US. I was not impressed. I thought about venturing down south but really wasn’t very tempted after meeting all these rude people. So I decided if I would go down there, I would do it on the Argentine side.

Some Chilians tried to warn me all about how stuck up and full of themselves the Argentine people are. I thought, Man, can it really get worse than this? Usually I am quite partial to the west in the northern hemisphere. Let`s hope its the opposite down here. Adios west…hola east.

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