Mom, Dad…I am joining the circus – Santiago, Chile

One night a group of us headed down to BellaVista which is where all the clubs and pubs are located. It was really bad music for the first bit but after a while, and a few drinks, it was danceable. They played some Latin type music and I got a bit confused. How do you dance to this stuff? I guess I had better take some lessons.

The next day, some people were going to this guy Pablo`s house. Apparently, some famous poet so I thought I would fulfil my education requirements for the day by joining them. Big mistake. I should know better than to do something for the wrong reasons.

It was really boring and there was a loud and obnoxious Turkish lady yelling the whole time. What was I thinking? Why would one go walk around some dead guys house anyway? Apart from some vintage 60s antiques, the only thing really worth seeing was the view of the Andes, which even that was obstructed now by new buildings. And the only thing I really learned was that the guy liked to drink alot. He had 3 bars. Seems to be a theme here in Santiago.

Anyway, I went out another night and well, the only thing I can tell you is that I was drinking tequila in a cafe at 8am. There was some run in with the police because the person driving didn`t have a licence but they let us go with a ticket.

What else did i do? I played some ping pong, laid in the hammock, practiced Spanish and tried to think of creative dishes to make in the microwave. Someone blew up the hostel stove.

Really the highlight of my time in Santiago was when I went to the circus. It was Cirque del Mundo and is much like Cirque de Soleil but on a smaller scale. I really really enjoyed it. It was not a circus of animals but of people acting like animals. There were jugglers and acrobats and clowns as well. It seemed like a quite a young cast and was a bit rough but that made it all the more endearing. They really put their heart into it. Some serious talent and overall a really great show. I felt quite giddy as it has been quite some time since I have been to a circus. Best 6 dollars I spent.

I found out my aunt died the other day. You feel really helpless when things like this happen and you are so far away. I ended up feeling quite down on my birthday but Aussie Wendy was determined that I would have a good day.

First, we went out for Chinese and then I picked up my laundry. Honestly, there is something really special about having clean laundry. I know it sounds silly but it really made me happy. Then we made jello and I had a nap while we were waiting for it to set.

I wasn`t going to do anything that night but I was convinced to drink some, so we picked up some cheap vodka and gin from the supermarket, both came with free mixers of peach juice and ginger ale. Strange but true. So a small group of us played Ring of Death, a drinking game, that ended up getting bigger and bigger. By the end of it, we were all wandering around the streets and through the park talking to strangers at 3am.

Anyway, the next day, I got aboard my last flight and left Chile. I flew over the Andes which were really quite stunning, reminding me remotely of home. All those flights from Edmonton to Vancouver over the Rockies. Same same but different.

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