PDA Central – Santiago, Chile

I arrived into Santiago and was really impressed with how easy it was to get from the airport into the city. They have this bus called the Centropuerto which took me only blocks away from my hostel and only cost 1000. That’s about 2 dollars.

I wandered down the street which was lined with historical looking tall buildings and leafy trees. I was happy that it was hot but not too hot. I spent the first few days hanging around this park a block away, people and tree watching.

One really weird thing to me is the amount of PDA (public displays of affection) that goes on here. I thought it was pretty cute at first, even a old 60 year old looking couple couldn’t get enough of each on the bench. But then it just got out of control. Every where I would turn there were people rolling around in the grass and practically swallowing each others heads. One girl I was with remarked how depressing it is to be single here. Love is certainly in the air here. And everywhere else for that matter.

There was a playground filled with kids even to very odd hours. I remember walking through it at 11pm one night and there were still kids there. It does get dark quite late but man, don’t these people sleep? I really enjoyed watching the multitude of fathers playing with their little boys, even crawling around on the jungle gym with them.

I leaned back on the tree trunk in the shade and drifted off into a bit of a daydream until one of the many many stray dogs came over for a visit. I concluded that this was very good place to do a whole lot of nothing. And that is precisely what I proceeded to do for the rest of the week.

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