Rapa Nui – Easter Island, Chile

I wandered into a hotel that I decided was worth splurging on as I had been through as much trauma as I could deal with for a day. I was lucky that the lady took some serious pity on me, making me some lemon tea and sorting me out nicely.

I ended up sleeping for the better part of the next few days and hanging out by the pool for the other part. I wandered around the town but I really didn`t feel very good reception. I watched a football (soccer) game then perched myself on a rock to stargaze for a while. As well, I went to see the Moai at sunset and it was stunning but not so much to make me stay for any longer.

I ate my pineapple pops and left the island. Oh… pineapple pops are tasty little pineapples that the guy carves up that people are wandering around with. They are sooooo sweet and sticky and even tho they are warm, the 300 pesos was probably some of the best money I spent on this tiny island.

After sleeping a whole lot, I ended up feeling marginally better but I still couldn`t stay. I really felt like as much as the locals want your tourist dollars, they don`t want to see you. It didn`t feel very friendly. So after a couple days, I was done. Armed with a nice little sunburn, I boarded the plane for Santiago.

I know alot of people were so envious of me when I said I was coming to Easter Island. But for some reason, this place just didn`t really grab me. But I guess the Moai don`t really have arms. Sorry to disappoint you kids, but the only real thing I can tell you about Easter Island is that is that it was really hot but aside from the hotel staff, the people were cold.

It occurred to me that this was one of my last flights. I have been stuck in a schedule dictated by the next plane. Its really the only thing that makes my watch necessary at the moment. What will happen when there is no next flight?

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