Antster Island – Rapa Nui, Chile

I left Lima and flew into Santiago which surprised me by looking like a very modern and clean city…but then I was only in the airport. I waited around the three hours for my next flight and noticed I was getting sicker and sicker.

There was this guy in front of me in the massive passport control line in Lima who was sneezing all over me. Who has a passport control on the way OUT of their country anyway? Whatever. I was sniffling and sneezing all until I boarded the plane for Rapa Nui. The flight was pretty uneventful as I had already watched all the movies that were on offer that looked remotely interesting.

I was a little taken back when we finally came upon the tiny triangle shaped mound of land called Easter Island. It was TINY! And for the most part looked pretty uninhabited. Could we even land here? Was there even a stretch of land long enough? I read that the runway had been improved for emergency space shuttle landings…would I find aliens here?

We touched down and out my window it looked alot like Hawaii with the palm trees and greenery. Except the mountains were more like hills and there was no rain. The heat was intense and I knew that my time for escaping the sunburns had finally come to an end.

I waded through all the touts, feeling a little overwhelmed with all the offers. My head was imploding from this impending cold and I needed to sit down. I sat on the curb trying to get it together and finally decided on one of the places in the book. Lucky me! Turns out it was this lady´s sister who happened to be standing right there. Just said she would drive me there.

On the short ride, I thought:

1. I know better than to go to a place without first negotiating a price…what was I doing?

2. This lady is probably EVERYONES sister. Ug.

We pulled in and was shown a room that looked livable, then I began trying to bargain a price. She pulled the old ´I´m giving you a special deal so don’t tell anyone else´ trying to make me feel all special but I saw right through it. Next, she wanted me to pay up front for the whole visit. I told her I would go to the bank and see what I could do giving myself some time to think of a better solution.

I wandered around the town…man it is hot. I could feel my shoulders beginning to burn and I had only been out in the rays for 10 mins. I got out some moolah after finally getting into the bank machine room which took some crafty business (you know, sliding the card in upside down and then rightside up 5 times fast then hopping on one foot for 10 seconds).

When I got back, I collapsed into bed completely spent. You know how terrible you feel when you have a summer cold? I felt 10 times worse and it had come up on me out of no where. I couldn´t have been out long when I began dreaming about bugs crawling all over me. I woke to find that yes, my dream had come true. There were like 100 little ants partying all over my legs and arms. It was a free for all. Sure, kick me when I am down. I was outta there. Where? I didn´t know but I was NOT living in Antville for the next few days.

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