Hola Mi Amigo – Lima, Peru

I am just hanging out in the aeropuerto waiting for my flight. I got here way too early and internet is cheap (4 soles per hour for a great connection) so I thought i would catch up.

Over the last few days, I spent alot of time just hanging about. I walked around Barranco a bit (which is one of the nicer parts of Lima) and hung out at the hostel. They have hammocks and I found one of them particularly comfy. I played Spanish Monopolio and worked on my aim with the dart board.

I was going to go down to the beach but I opted to sit on the cliff overlooking it because it was crazy busy and the water is supposedly quite polluted. I recall seeing alot of rubbish floating around the other day when I was paragliding thinking it was pretty gross.

I got some really juicy and sweet fruit for 10 soles and made a fruit salad with vanilla yogurt. The mangos here are some of the best I have tasted and they come in two sizes. Regular size like what we are used to and miniature. But they tasted the same. I tried this cute little plum cross cherry looking thing called a citrdella (sp?) and was really surprised. I thought about how cool it is to try something new without having any idea of how its supposed to taste.

I am going to miss Elizabeth`s lunches at the hostel. She would cook the yummiest and seemingly quite healthy lunches everyday for a mere 6 soles. Home cooked Peruvian food…mmm.

One day was really bright and I didn`t stay out for long feeling my face becoming hot. I am pretty sure I would have joined the parade of burnt backpackers around the hostel had I not used my common sense and limited my exposure.

One thing I didn`t enjoy about Lima was the way that people say things then don`t follow through. This seems to be quite common. I discussed it with several others and they said they noticed it here as well. People will make plans or promises and then just not show up. If you do get an apology its much later and quite flimsy. Insincerity and inconsiderate. I wonder if its a cultural thing…I will see how much it happens in the rest of South America.

So Lima was ok but it would have been nice to get out to Cuzco where apparently all the fun happens. I tried to go out in Lima on Saturday but I don`t know if I just hit a bad night or what but I really didn’t enjoy myself. I may make it back tho as I didn’t even have time to see Machu Picchu this time around. I have to go tho because this ticket ends soon and I still have 4 more flights to use.

I feel quite handicapped not knowing Spanish. I really wanted to take a lesson (and had actually arranged for one) but the girl didn’t show up. I guess she had the perfidious Peruvian disease. I did surprise myself in the taxi here tho when I had to try and sort some simple directions with the man. I almost didn’t believe it was my voice after I said it. Wow. So it can be done. But its going to take alot of practice. I have deducted that children make the best teachers because they speak quite slowly and clearly using simple language. Plus, they are cute. Well, my flight is about to board. I better run.

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